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Two criminal probes opened by prosecutors in Larisa, Greece,

Kούμα & Μεγάλου Αλεξάνδρου, Δικαστικό Μέγαρο, Λάρισα, 41222, ΛΑΡΙΣΑΣ

prove that the coronavirus crisis did not just happen. It was planned and prepared for over a long period of time.

These two probes also identify with a great deal of precision who is at the very top of the covid crisis criminal conspiracy, the brains, the authority, the principal funders.

As a result, these probes allow their victims to press for for penal and civil penalties against the persons named and any of their co conspirators and instruments carrying out the plot and for claims for damages.

I am among the victims of this plot since my life has been threatened and restricted by the covid plot. I have suffered various damages which I describe below,and I so now apply to become a party. πολιτικώς ενάγων to E 17 449.

The Constitution and criminal laws guarantee my right to life, to health and to protection from threats to my safety.

Vaccines and epidemic control measures can only be applied as part of a legitimate attempt to control a genuinely threatening, natural disease. Epidemic disease laws and the IHR 2005 also always require all measures to be minimal, targetted, scientifically proven and appropriate. They require informed consent for experimental vaccines such as covid.

Given the evidence the covid measures and vaccines are part of a criminal plot prepared since 2015, at least, to make sick and kill, demoralize and destroy economies, all covid measures and vaccines are, therefore, a priori null and void and must be stopped immediately.

Probe E 17 449 names Donald Trump and Jared Kushner as the instigators of a plot to have science reporter Jane Burgermeister falsely imprisoned using criminal means on 16th February 2017 for relaying allegations of a Kremlin based journalist Alexander Zamyslov; while Zamyslov was interviewing JB in Larisa in June 2016, for a documentary on the subject, among others, of a global plot by Billionaires Bill Gates and George Soros to engineer a virus, scare people and lure them to take a vaccine designed to make them sick and kill them, and seeking an FBI report from 2009 on that plot, that Jared Kushner helped him obtain visas.

E 17 449 was opened in 2017 by Appeals prosecutors in Larisa, the second highest court in Greece, underlining the strength of the evidence.

The second probe Delta 15 218 opened in 2015, referred to in E 17 449, names

· Bill Gates

· George Soros

as people with the personal knowledge, motive and means to seek to falsely imprison the same reporter for exposing their role in a plot to spread Ebola deliberately around Africa and the world in 2014 and give people an experimental vaccine, which may give people Ebola when she was in a monastery in Greece, St John the Forerunner in Anatolis.

That these probes are linked, have a common denominator and must be seen together, is also shown by the way E17 449 contains as part of its evidence in the form of email communications with the Russian journalists interviewing JB in Larisa a discussion of D 15 218 as well copies of documents belonging to D 15 218.

Therefore, by becoming a party of E 17 449, I also become a party of D 15 218.

The Greek and other governments, could and should, have been prosecuted and convicted these Billionaires under due process in 2015 and 2017 given the evidence in E 17 218 anbd D 15 218. They knew about the plot and could have stopped it altogether.

Instead, they joined in the plot to suppress the evidence against them and allow them to escape justice to advance their persecution of the science reporter Jane Burgermeister and of the plot.

The Greek government is also, therefore, liable for the damages caused by their failures.

Both probes outline a plan global in scale, affecting every country and person in the world, to

engineer a virus lethal for human beings

release it deliberately and spread it using faulty epidemic disease protocols

scare people using a campaign of false and misleading claims, omission and misrepresentation

have WHO declare a globel epidemic emergency to set in motion vaccine campaign

entice, lure people into taking a vaccine designed to make people sick and kill them

  • under the pretext of an emergency and using an Emergency Use Authorization

  1. · using a campaign of deception, false claims and omission

  2. · with the objective of giving the injection to to virtually all the people in the world

It may be argued that we have evidence of a plan, a plot in E 17 449 and D 15 218.

But was it ever executed? Covid, the virus and vaccines may not be a part of that plot.

Facts show that the persons named in the probes, Trump, Gates and Soros, participated, and order their subordinates and instruments to participate, in actual fact in the scheme described in the probes E 17 449 and D 15 218 to carry out that plot, and that the covid vaccine campaign is the execution phase of that same plot.

One key fact is the origin of the covid crisis in January 2020 is a lab engineered virus.

In 2014, Anthony Fauci at the NIAID launched a covert programme to fund gain of function research, research designed to make covid more deadly to human beings, including research in Wuhan, China, the very place covid originated.

Knowing that such research was banned in October 2014 for 3 years, Fauci used a front organization EcoHelath Alliance, funded also by Bill Gates, to channel more than 3 million dollars to research focussing on making a spike protein in the covid more dangerous to people. In 2017, after Trump assumed office and the ban was ended, the Pentagon under James Mattis, and his successors Patrick Shannon, Mark Esper, gave 30 millions dollars to this secret programme to weaponize covid centered on Wuhan.

There have been thousands of reports about this in the English speaking press alone and Fauci has been referred to the Department of Justice for lying to Congress about the research.



The virus was almost certainly deliberately released from Wuhan BSL4 lab. The safeguards in a BSL4 lab make an accidental release impossible.

A second key fact is that the covid vaccine which was planned to be given to most of the 7 billion people in the world as it cost only about 20 dollars and did not require to be stored at very low temperatures, AstraZeneca s, is designed to sterilize.

We have the public statement of Oxford Professor and Gavi member John Bell to Jon Snow on Channel4 TV that the AstraZeneca covid vaccine, is designed to sterilize entire populations, which he made in August 2020, which is a part of Delta 15 218.

His comments from timepoint 8 15 in the Channel4 interview on 24th August 2020 can be seen at the link below.


This statement alone shows that the covid vaccine campaign is the most horrible and extensive mass poisoning and sterilization operation in history.

That Bill Gates funded a vaccine to sterilize virtually the entire globe is proven by the statement of Sir John Bell, a professor of medicine at Oxford University, who developed AstraZeneca's coronavirus vaccine, made on TV that the aim of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine is proven.

A third key fact concerns the adverse events.

The US government database OpenVaers shows there have been about 60% more reports of deaths following covid vaccines as of September 3, 2021, at 14, 506, than in all the previous 30 years for all the other vaccines (about 30) on OpenVaers, a government database.

There have been more reports of deaths after the Pfizer vaccine than from all the other vaccines in the previous 30 years on OpenVaers.

OpenVaers records only about 1% of all actual events according to a Harvard study which it cites on its own website. So, OpenVaers supplies us with the method we should use to calculate actual deaths.

If we use that method, we come to a staggering 1,450,000 deaths from the covid vaccines as of September 3rd 2021.

Yet, the CDC, FDA have given Pfizer full approval citing positive data.

In short, there are many facts confirming the global covid crisis is the plot documented in E 17 449 and D 15 218.

The Greek government is ignoring the evidence of a plot and seeking under a campaign of false claims and deception to impose mandates and sanctions on the entire population for refusing a vaccine although they must know from the probes their own prosecutors opened is a poison.

Επειδή με τις άνω ύβρεις τους οι μηνυόμενες προσέβαλαν την τιμή και την υπόληψή μου και με τις απειλές του μου προκάλεσαν τρόμο και ανησυχία.

Επειδή οι πράξεις τους αυτές (poisoning, fraud, unlawful detention, παράνομη παρακράτηση, επικίνδυνη threat of or actual σωματική βλάβη, δυσφήμηση, υπεξαίρεση, απάτη κ.λ.π) προβλέπονται και τιμωρούνται από τον Ποινικό Νόμο.

Δια ταύτα

Και με την ρητή επιφύλαξη παντός δικαιώματός μου ενώπιον των ελληνικών δικαστηρίων.

Ζητώ με παραγγελία σας να μου χορηγηθούν


The names of these Billionaires and US President appear in these two criminal probes not because of any abstract speculation, political bias or random musings. Their names are included because of concrete evidence that they personally directed, oversaw and sanctioned multiple criminal conspiracies to murder, falsely imprison and silence a science reporter, Jane Burgermeister (JB) and continue to do so.

The probes contain all the proofs needed for their conviction, namely, personal knowledge, motivation and means.

They have not been convicted, and allowed to continue their persecution, because they have used their immense power to subvert and sabotage justice, suppress reports by the governments of Greece, Austria, UK and the EU, all of whom are fully informed about these probes and who have joined in the conspiracy to hide them to advance the plot.

I ask that the investigations started in E 17 449 and D 15 218 are completed, evidence is gathered, testimony is collected, witnesses are questioned, including

Donald Trump

George Soros

Bill Gates


That, in order to stop the threat to my life from these dangerous actors and their covid and vaccine mandates.

Μηνύω τα άνω αναφερόμενα πρόσωπα ενώπιων σας και ζητώ την νόμιμη τιμωρία τους.


In addition, I ask for an investigation into a cover up of these probes as the persecution of a reporter violates my right to informed consent which is a legal requirement of vaccination given as part of EUA as the covid vaccines are.

Freedom of the media is important for me as I have the right to know information about vaccines and any harmful risks affecting my health.

The central accusation of both these probes is that these politicians and Billionares collaborated to falsely imprison and murder a science reporter, Jane Burgermeister (JB), for pubishing information and facts showing that they were engaging in a campaign of deceptive marketing in relation to a global epidemic diseases and vaccine plot designed to cause mass poisoning and deaths around t

This campaign of censorship has violated my right to know and to informed consent especially in relation to the harms and risks of experimental vaccines including covid vaccines.

Μηνύω τα άνω αναφερόμενα πρόσωπα ενώπιων σας και ζητώ την νόμιμη τιμωρία τους.


I ask that all covid measures, test, vaccines, mandates, restrictions, lockdowns, fines must be halted immediately.

This includes

  1. all vaccines

  2. vaccine mandates

  3. vaccine passports

  4. any form of sanction to pressure people to take the vaccine at work, at school, university, in transport

  5. covid testsy.

As victims of a plot, I claim damages for

vaccine injury

vaccine death

threat of vaccine injury from mandates

for loss or threat of loss of job for refusing vacines

for loss of access to education or threat of loss of access to education

for disruption to my job, school, university, education

for loss of earnings

for financial losses

for business difficulties a

for bankruptcy

for stress

for the violation of human rights

for the lockdown

for defamation as a vaccine “conspiracy theorist”

And other harms


I claim compensation personally from the people named as the brains behind the plot and their instruments

  1. Bill Gates

  2. George Soros

  3. Donald Trump


Not only are the Billionaires at the ore of that plan, but the many officials, scientists, media and marketing figures -- in government, schools, universities, corporations, pharmaceutical companies, universities, laboratories, media -- who are carrying out that plan, are liable.

This includes

  1. from pharamceutical companies, their executives, board members, and medical and science officers, who can be seen to be acting in coordination with others to carry out the plot of BG and GS, including

Pascal Soriot, CEO of Astra Zeneca

Albert Bourla and kavita Patel, executives of Pfizer

Scott Gottlieb, Board member of Pfizer and former chief of the FDA

Ugur Sahin and Ozlem Tureci and Christo Huber, CEOs of BioNtech, business partner of Pfizer,

Stephane Bancel, CEO of Moderna

Tal Yaks, Chief Medical Officer of Moderna

Tom Heyman from Jansen and J and J

And their shareholders

including, Noubar Afeyan, largest shareholder of Moderna

Indemnity agreements are not valid and do not apply in the case of proof of a plot.

  1. from any company involved in the production, distribution and marketing of the covid vaccines, including, General Dynamics, owner of CSRA, contractor operating the government VAERS system.

  2. from media and social media companies for joining in a campaign of misinformation and censorship, inlcuding

CNN, MSNBC, NYT, Times, Axel Springer Verlag

instruments in governments, including, for example,

Anthony Fauci at the NIAID,

Rochelle Walenskz at the CDC,

Dr Janet Woodcock at the FDA,


And others who can be shown to be advancing or have advanced this plot knowingly, deliberately, willingfully or unknowingly.

Specifically, I claim from

for the following damage

vaccine injury

vaccine death

threat of vaccine injury from mandates

  1. threat of getting covid from the vaccinated

for loss or threat of loss of job for refusing vacines

for loss of access to education or threat of loss of access to education

for disruption to my job, school, university, education

for loss of earnings

for the violation of human rights

for the lockdown

for the requirement to wear masks

for business difficulties a

for bankruptcy

for stress

for defamation as a vaccine “conspiracy theorist”

(Optional) In addition, I also claim for other victims and members of my family, my children, grandparents, colleagues


  1. who have caused me worry, stress, grief, fear, anguish and other pyschological problems by

vaccine injury

vaccine death

threat of vaccine injury from mandates

for loss or threat of loss of job for refusing vacines

for loss of access to education or threat of loss of access to education

for disruption to my job, school, university, education

for loss of earnings

for the violation of human rights

for the lockdown

for the requirement to wear masks, tests

for business difficulties a

for bankruptcy

for stress

for defamation as a vaccine “conspiracy theorist”

The paralysis, failure the justice system, which is proven by the fact that there has been no investigation into E 17 449 and D 15 218, and the plot has been allowed to proceed, means I will represent myself as a pro se lawyer defending myself against crimes) (poisoning, fraud, false claims, deceptive marketing, unlawful detention as part of the lockdown, and other)

I assert the right to take all the legal steps any pro se lawyer can to hold the perpetrators to account, and protect my life and safety.

I assert the right of a pro se lawyer to call the accused and witnesses named in E 17 449 and D 15 218 and other connected to this case and collect other evidence and ask the prosecutor to subpoena




Note In relation to E 17 449 and D 15 218, I refer to the following documents listed in the Tables

Table 1 E 17 449

Table 2 D 15 218

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