Other key documents sent

AP 372 report Greek (violations in Delta 15 218 February 2016

Delta 15 218 ( all documents with file number Delta 15 218 and police magistrate testimony in 2016 on same crimes, same people etc after the Supreme Court ordered the probe to be reopened)

All key documents relevant to Delta 15 218 documents including emails (attached) to the Areios Pagos in chronoligical orders

Jane Burgermeister

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Emails with more docs as attachments follow 

23 February 2021

Theotokopoulou 4 to 6,

41223 Larisa, Greece

Jane Burgermeister

Twitter janeburgermeis2@

Dear Prosecutors of the Supreme Court, Athens, Greece,

Dear Prosecutors of the Court, Larissa, Greece,

Dear Prosecutors of China,

I am writing to request as a matter of extreme urgency the correction of massive violations of procedure and rights in criminal probes opened by prosecutors in Larisa Greece into attempts to have me summarily arrested in 2015 and 2017,Delta 15 216 and E 17 449 as I describe below.

The violations are exceptionally grave as they have targeted a journalist, myself, giving information the public has a right to know concerning

  • an epidemic disease plot with evidence that the coronavirus is the implementation phase of a that plot

  • central banks and the fractional reserve banking system

The information in these probes is relevant to China and WHO and their investigation into the origins of the coronavirus as is the proof of a campaign of censorship. That is why I am including Chinese and WHO officials  in the email address list.

The violations have resulted in myself not only being denied justice and the protection of the law. These violations have also paved the way for indictments against me which have arisen illegitimately from the violations in the original investigations and culminate in trials with penalties of 7 years in prison as a de facto sentence for exercising my legitimate right to free media.

Please note this is a summary only of criminal probes and the violations with the documents, being essential evidence. Due to the size of these documents, am sending them as links embedded in the text to be downloaded and, in some cases, as attachments in this and following emails. Copies are at Larisa court, and the Supreme Court, Athens. A list of key documents with kinks can be found at the end. I attach two detailed summaries of the violations in English with links embedded.

GRK_prosecutor_probe_of_Trump (E17 449(


 This persecution has threatened my life, and continues to do so, has hampered and hindered me in reporting factual information about epidemic disease plot and financial crimes. It has also created uncertainty in the minds of the public about the accuracy of this information and so helped prevent a timely public debate and policy measures which would have addressed the problems I highlight.

Because of the grave threat to my life, I ask for a speedy correctionof teh massive violations as well as

 compensation as a victim of a crime or, at minimum of, of criminal negligence

In the event of my sudden death, I urge murder charges.

People in Greece, and the world, have also suffered damages as a result of deprived of information epidemic disease and vaccine plot and the finance crimes of central banks as I discuss below and, therefore, should also be allowed to claim compensation as victims of a plot to silence a journalist to withhold information from them about a plot.

Prosecutors in Larisa, Greece, collected vital evidence as to the identity of key actors behind the attempts to have e summarily arrested in order to deprive the public about information

- about the existence of a global epidemic disease plot designed to culminate in martial law and mass vaccinations with a risky jabs as well

about the possible connection of this plot to plans to control, subjugate and eliminate populations impoverished by the private fractional reserve banking system and private central banks, which I highlight

and which would help China, WHO and the rest of the world in their ongoing investigation into the origins of the coronavirus.

The seriousness of the global epidemic, the impact of the almost global lockdown on human rights and the economy make it imperative to investigate the evidence in E 17 /449 and D 15 218 to shed light on the important question of whether the coronavirus and other epidemic diseases like the bird flu, Ebola are criminal plots and who is behind them and what their motive might be.

Vital evidence consistent with the notion of a plot is that the experimental coronavirus vaccine is designed to sterilize entire populations as stated by ProfessorSir John Bell, professor of medicine at Oxford University, and a part of the GAVI team (largely funded by Bill Gates Foundation) which developed AstraZeneca's coronavirus vaccine, which is being used in Greece and the rest of the EU.

Sir John Bell said in an interview with Jon Snow on Channel4 TV on 24th August 2020in August that the aim of the Astra Zeneca coronavirus vaccine was to sterilize populations. He makes it clear that the aim is to sterilize entire population when he says to Jon Snow, in fact warns him, as the context makes clear,that the AZ vaccine is expected to sterilize only about 60 to 70% of the population in practice.

See Bell's comments from timepoint 8 15 in the interview at the link below. .

As part of an investigation, Sir John Bell could and should be cross examined on this statement as well as AZ executives, Bill Gates, GAVI executives, WHO, EU and Greek government officials and advisors who have allowed this vaccine to be used. At a minimum,they are guilty of criminal negligence in ignoring, overlooking, discarding a statement by the developper of the main coronavirus vaccie to be used in the global vaccine campaign in the West.

Sir John Bells statement on TV, available for the public to look at, that the vaccine can only be expected to sterilize 60 to 70% of the population and not all is extraordinarily absolute, irrefutable evidence that the intention behind the AZ,Oxford, Gavi coronavirus vaccine is to sterilize people, indeed, entire populations.

His comments are consistent with the notion of a plot to use mass vaccination to injure, kill people and censor information about that plot, as a part of that plot, as documented in Greek criminal probe E 17 449, and Delta 15 218 .

Despite all the evidence, the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis aided and abetted by “experts”, has licensed the AZ vaccine for Greece and is in the process of preparing to give it to people as part of a plan to give all Greeks one of the various risky, experimental coronavirus vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AZ etc)

It cannot,I believe, be stressed too much that there is a legal precedent for putting Bell,Mitsotakis, and other doctors and pharamcecutical executives on trial and it is the Nurnberg Trials,which aimed to establish a universal stnadard applicable for the future,that is,to today.

According to the NURNBERG MILITARY TRIBUNALS, INDICTMENTS, CASE NO.1,PUBLISHED BY OFFICE OF MILITARYY GOVERNMENT FOR GERMANY (US) NUREMBERG 1946, PAGE 9, the sterilization experiments were just one of the medical crimes, many also involving vaccines

" STERILIZATION EXPERIMIENTS. From about March 1941 to about January 1945 sterilization experiments were conducted at the Auschwitz and Ravensbruck Concentration Camps, and other places. The purpose of these experiments was to develop a method of sterilization which would be suitable for sterilizing millions of people with a minimum of time and effort. These experiments were conducted by means of X-Ray, surgery, and various drugs. Thousands of victims were steril1ized and thereby suffered great mental and physical anguish."

On page 48, it says an "injection with the virus of certain diseases, and subsequent oral or infra-venal application of various drugs and pharmaceutical products,"were used for sterilization.

If the use of experimental or investigational vaccines to sterilize thousands of people was a crime in the 1930s and 40s, how much more of a crime is a plot to use experimental (coronavirus) vaccines to sterilize hundreds of millions of people as Professor Bell testifies is the intention.

If the accessories and accomplices of that plot could be put on trial in 1946, how much more can the accessories and accomplices of the coronavirus plot be put on trial in 2020 for authorizing, downplaying or misrepresenting the risks of drugs or vaccines following the precedents of the opioid trials in the USA.

While no criminal conspiracy could be proven at the Nurnberg Trials,a conspiracy, a plan, by contrast, can be proven in 2020 due to the evidence in E 17 449, Delta 15 218 and letters like those ofJeand Claude Juncker to me in December 2015 alone.

When intention,design, a conspiracy to commit mass inuury or murder on a huge scale can be proven in a court of law, as in the court of public opinion, and much of the evidence can be conveniently telescoped into official probes concerning repeated attempt to murder a journalist, myself, for warning about that plot, then the various members of this criminal network, including Sir John Bell, are facing multiple life sentences.


Key documents



Criminal probe E 17 449 was opened by prosecutors in Larisa,Greece, in 2017,

 implicating and naming Donald Trump, Jared Kushner and Vladimir Putin in a plot to have me,a journalist and a dual Austrian, Irish citizen, arrested using
criminal means

 for relaying allegations of a Kremlin based journalist Alexander Zamyslov
that Kushner helped him obtain visas

 while Zamyslov was interviewing me in Greece as part of researching into
plot to spread an epidemic disease deliberately also through flawed protocols
to incite fear to declare martial law designed to culminate in mass
vaccination with unproven vaccines, and so to harm, damage and kill every
single person in Austria too

 particularly seeking a copy of report on the swine flu plot I gave to the FBI in

JBFBI Swine Flu Plot Report 2009

 to deprive the public of information about the epidemic disease plot and key
actors in it

The background to the probe is my email correspondence in June 2016 with Russian journalist Alexander Zamyslov (called Alexander or Sasha in email chains and court records) and my interview with them in Larisa,
Greece, on the subject of biological warfare with a focus on the USA and a special interest in a report I gave to the FBI about the swine flu crisis in 2009. on 20th June 2016. During the interview, Russian journalist Zamyslov made allegations about Kushner helping him obtain visas as we filmed a scene outside the court and discussed probe Delta 15 218 and the role of lawyer Samaras, Alexis Tsipras and George Soros, specifically the way I was being harassed by a temporary civil court injunction which lawyer Samaras was applying for at that time in relation to another criminal probe Delta 15 218 opened over a de facto murder attempt against me in 2015. Samaras used this injunction to obtain criminal charges against me the day after I posted information on 15th February 2017 about the allegations which Zamyslov had made concerning Kushner on my since suspended wordpress blog birdflu666. Lawyer Samaras the next day went to Larisa police station and asked for and obtained false criminal charges from Larisa police by misrepresenting the temporary civil court injunction and another civil document. The plot to have me arrested without due process proceeded by deliberately sending the summons to the wrong address. 

By chance I got the summons by chance and was able to testify. I testified about this to he police magistrate on 5th May 2017,
triggering criminal probe E 17 449. I was able to demonstrate that
Samaras temporary civil injunction could in no manner shape or form be a lawful basis for criminal charges for my blog post on 15th February 2017 as well as prove other crimes. The issue of motive,means and opportunity is crucial for any crime. Kuhner and Trump would have the motive and means to organize a conspiracy to have me arrested for exposing secret links the next day in Greece,and using the very same lawyer, Samaras, and 30 day civil injunction which was a part of Zamyslov's documentary. Larisa prosecutors to ask for my testimony in November 2017 as a party in the criminal probe in which Trump and Kushner are specifically named as the people with the motive, means and opportunity and the reason why former FBI Director James Comey is also mentioned in the transcript of the police magistrate's interview.

TRIAL E 17 378

Originally scheduled June 10th 2019

Postponed to March 13th 2020

Postponed to December 16th 2020

Postponed again. Trial date now known as yet.

The investigation E 17 449 was suppressed with massive violations in procedure and rights to set me up for a rigged trial based on the basis of the very same temporary civil injunction and civil request which triggered the criminal probe in the first place. I am facing an irrefutable presumption of guilt, which arises from massive violations in the rule of law procedural rule, and the removal of probe E 17 449, facts, docuents which prove my innocence.

Assertions known to be lies are treated as irrebuttable presumption of fact and which may not be challenged by the defense.

The trial indictment references a temporary civil court injunction issued to Simos Samaras in November 2016 for 10 blog posts for 30 days which does not mention or cover the February 2017 'Russia' blog posts.

The injunctioned expired on 6th December 2016.

Simos Samaras, the plainfiff, never applied for a permanent injunction.

Moroever, the injunction was was issued illegally because Greek law (article 363) requires proof of error and malice and Karanikola did not offer any proof of either error or malice in her ruling or even address the need to.

Judgment of the civil court Larisa
Number 342 /2016
Issued 7th November 2016
for a temporary injunction(30days)

In addition, the trial indictment references a civil request which no force of law behind it which was also rejected by prosecutors as valid as part of probe E 17449.On about 7th February 2017, I was served with a document from Simos Samaras with a list of about 100 blog posts which he wanted removed in 24 hours. It was served by court official Apostolis Kontis as part of court servicing procedures for civil requests. The fact that a court official served the document and not a “bailiff” does not make the document a judgment or ruling.
I asked my then lawyer Eleni Matraki what the document was. She told me it was a civil request with no force of law behind it and I did not have to

That this temporary 
injunction and civil request cannot be used to file criminal charges against me for my February 2017 Russian blog posts (or any other blog posts) is underlined by the fact that Larisa prosecutors opened an investigation E 17 449 into the Larisa police chief Simos Samaras, Trump and Kushner for trying to use these as a pretext to have me arrested.

Yet, ignoring this entire investigation and all the facts exonerating me, the trial is to go ahead on this illegitimate basis.

My Russia blog posts on 7th February and 15th February 2017 form the main part of the indictment but no arguments, proofs or reasons are given for believing that these blog posts or the attachments violate any valid court order or any law.

The only witness is Simos Samaras proven to have committed massive crimes by E 17 449, and so biased.

Key violations

1. All the documents, information collected by prosecutors as part of E 17 449 exonerating me have been suppressed

2. The investigation started into the attempt to have me summarily arrested using criminal means was suppressed, the collection of evidence stopped and the prosecution of the culprits prevented

3. The very evidence that an investigation was started by prosecutors which led to my exoneration and also charges against the perpetrators, and so is of vital relevance, has been suppressed

4. The temporary civil court injunction lasting 30 days from mid November to mid December has been illegitimately used to justify the false accusation that I broke a court ruling when, in fact, I complied with the 30 day injunction

  1. The fact that the temporary injunction was issued illegally since neither malice nor factual error were proven has been ignored.

  2. The fact that no court order, criminal or civil judgment applies to my blog posts of February 2017 has been ignored

  3. No legal document is given stating that these blog posts are unlawful and

  4. no arguments are given why the blog posts are unlawful

  5. . The witness called is actually the culprits in E17 449 and Delta 15 218 and he is allowed to repeat accusations orally against me known to be false by the court and although they are known to be culprits with a motive to falsely accuse me

  6. . The documents and evidence exonerating me has been systematically excluded despite the fact these documents include prosecutor probe. The only proofs admitted are

  7. The lawyer Eleni Matraki engaged to represent me appears to have been bribed following a pattern and told me deliberately the wrong court date to deprive me of the right to defense and set me up for a summary arrest simply

As a result of these violations, I am to stand trial and face prison with my condemnation certain. I face conviction, sentencing and jail My right of appeal has been undermined since I will be forced to appeal on the basis of a trial which has been set up to make the proof of my guilt irrefutable and to exclude all evidence exonerating me.

CRIMINAL PROBE Delta 15 218 ΕΓ 4 - 16 /13

Background  Δ 15 /218, ΕΓ 4 - 16 /13


Prosecutors opened an investigation Delta 15 218 in 2015 on the basis of police charges in April 2015 in which I categorically state the motive that the perpetrators gave before witnesses, whom I named, for that murder attempt was my blog information, that is for giving public factual information about the above mentioned plot and giving accurate information on how epidemic diseases such as coronavirus and Ebola are being spread deliberately through flawed protocols and biosecurity rule breaches as well risky experimental vaccines.

As part of this probe, prosecutors collected some evidence implicating Bill Gates, one of Trump's main pandemic advisors.

This evidence includes a police report in July 2015 ordered by the Larisa prosecutor in which Bill Gates and George Soros are named as the two people with the motive, means and opportunity to organize such a plot while I was in Greece as well as a compelling evidnece that Soros and then Greek PM Alexis Tsipras had direct, personal knowledge of my blog collected in September and October 2015 and officially added to the file in January 2016 as I discuss in the section on Delta 15 218.

The huge violations of procedure and rights in this case as I describe below, are actually more evidence against Bill Gates and Soros and Trump.

Larisa prosecutors opening a criminal probe Delta 15 218 opened in May 2015. over my police charges which I filed as a party (paying the fee) in April 2015 over a de facto murder attempt against me for giving information about how was being Ebola was being spread deliberately in West Africa,and later the USA,amongother countries, through flawed protocols and biosecurity rule breaches as well risky experimental vaccines. Police reports include the record of how the culprits Abbess Theodekti (I was staying at a monstery for safety) almost immediately tried to bribe my then lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulos to suppress the charges, and my demand for 96,000 euros in donations to be returned, something which indirectly confrirms the truth of my claims because innocent people do not try to bribe lawyers to throw cases.

Prosecutors asked me to write a more detailed report in July and how I included in that report evidence that Bill Gates and George Soros as people who had direct, personal knowledge of my blog, a motive to murder me for exposing their links to the Ebola plot in 2014, and an opportunity through their political allies.

I caught George Soros and then Alexis Tsipras copying from my blog in September and October 2016 and prosecutors accepted this evidence after reviewing it, also in visual form, in January 2016.

In January, I found out how all the above mentioned police reports had been suppressed by my then lawyer,apparently working with Simos Samaras, and other huge violations of procedure had taken place nd rights to set me up for false accusations and a lethal penalty.I describe these violations in A P 372, a report which was sent by Larisa court to the Supreme Court in Athens in February 2016. I submitted all the police reports myself to the Supreme Court in April 2016 obtaining the file number and confirmatory stamp. The Supreme Court suppressed the reports and allowed a trial to proceed set up in such a way as to provide irrebutable proof of innocence of the culprits and paving the way for me to be found guilty of defamation and criminal charges E 17 379.

My appeal in April 2016 describes how every effort was made to hide the indictment from me and the fact that my status has been changed illegal from party to witness.

When I found a copy of the file for the trial indictment by chance, the file was empty apart from the indictment and the statements made to the police by the accused Theodekti, Theonike, as well as a biased and non essential witness. The statements are full of contradictions, obvious lies and slanders but are presented as irrebutable factin the indictment along with the false claim that Theodekti returned most of my donations, accepted also as fact despite the lack of a shred of evidence, receipts etc.

After my appeal was rejected on illegitimate grounds, I once more applied to the Supreme Court with all the evidence of violations and they ordered a new investigation to be opened in September 2016. In November and December 2016, I testified on the original crimes and the violations of procedure at the police magistrate. She told me she had also asked Theodekti and the Bishop of Volos (implicated in the bribery attempt) to testify but they had refused. The investigation was divided among several courts and closed and I was not allowed to see the file in violation of my right as a party.

The indictment of Theodekti included a reference to a civil case Γ16/ 508 filed by Theodekti and lawyer Simos Samaras and bribed lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulos in February 2016 claiming defamation. Statements made under oath by Theodekti, also made on behalf of Theoktisti, denied all my claims and ang other things, also deny any knowledge of the contents of my blog.

I was able to supply emails to Theodekti and Theoktisti proving that they had knowledge of the contents of my reports which I posted while at the monastery.

Although this civil case is only a subpart of the criminal case, it has combined with the criminal case by the state prosecutor to supplant the criminal case.

Key violations

  1. All the police reports, prosecutor reports, documents, information collected by prosecutors as part of Delta 15 218 have been illegally suppressed

  2. A key part of the report I wrote for the police on the instructions of the prosecutor in July 2015 was removed without my knowledge and consent during the translation into Greek overseen by my then lawyer (tampering)

2. The police reports of an attempt to bribe my then lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulos have been suppressed despite they are crucial evidence of guilt

3. The investigation started into the attempt to have me summarily arrested using criminal means was suppressed, the collection of evidence stopped and the prosecution of the culprits prevented

  1. key witnesses were not questioned

4. A parallel civil case was started by the culprits which has suppressed the criminal case and been joined to it Gamma

5. As part of this civil case, I was able to prove through emails that Theodekti had direct knowledge of my birdflu666 blog and information showing her claim to have had no knowledge of it to be a lie but this evidence has also been suppressed although it is crucial to establishing the motive, namely, to silence my blog info

6. My status was changed illegally from party to witness to deny me the right to defense, appeal and access to the file, and repeated attempts to correct the change have been refused to me illegally

  1. The indictment is based on facts known to be false to prosecutor Ekatherina Papaiannou who had all the documents, bank accounts and suppressed them

  2. The Appeals court refused to correct the violations on the spurious grounds that I was not a party when I was a party, had paid the fee, but was a witness ignoring the fact my status had been changed illegally

  3. The Supreme Court in Athens has received all the proofs of massive violations, reopened the case twice, but ultimately allowed all the proofs of violations to proceed in a massive infringement of my fair trial guarantees

  1. AP 372

  2. Submission

  3. Emails

  1. The Supreme Court ordered the case to be reopened in September 2016 and I was asked to testify at the examining magistrate which I did

  2. A complete record of my testimony was made by the court

12. The examining magistrate told me that she had also asked Theodekti, Theonike and the Bishop of Volos to testify but they had refused. She said their refusal strongly suggested guilt. She said only the prosecutor had the power to compel them to testify. But the prosecutor did not

13. This new investigation was closed without an investigation under due process

14. The trial went ahead on February 2019 and Theodekti and Theoniki were acquitted on the basis of irrefutable proof of innocence

15. As a result I was de facto declared guilty of slander

16. I have been denied access to the verdict under the pretext I am witness despite the fact I am a party

  1. As a result, I have been denied the right to appeal

18. As a result of the illegitimate verdict, the culprits have filed criminal charges against me for slander

  1. These charges form the basis of a tria

TRIAL E 17 379

Originally scheduled June 10th 2019

Postponed to March 13th 2020

Postponed to December 16th 2020

Postponed again. Trial date now known as yet.

After the culprits were acquitted as part of massive violations in procedure and rights in Delta 15 218, I was indicted for a trial based on the basis of the very same temporary civil injunction and civil request which triggered the criminal probeE 17 449 and I am facing n irrebutable presumption of guilt, which arises from massive violations in the rule of law procedural rule, and the removal of exonerating evidence.

Assertions known to be lies are treated as irrebuttable presumption of fact and which may not be challenged by the defense.

The trial indictment E 17 379 references blog posts covered by temporary civil court injunction issued to Simos Samaras in November 2016 for 10 blog posts for 30 days which does not mention or cover the February 2017 'Russia' blog posts.

The injunctioned expired on 6th December 2016.

Simos Samaras, the plainfiff, never applied for a permanent injunction.

Moroever, the injunction was was issued illegally because Greek law (article 363) requires proof of error and malice and Karanikola did not offer any proof of either error or malice in her ruling or even address the need to.

Judgment of the civil court Larisa
Number 342 /2016
Issued 7th November 2016
for a temporary injunction(30days)

The trial indictment lists the posts but gives no arguments or evidence or proofs of either malice or error as requred by Greek law.

The only three witnesses called are the culprits in Delta 15 218 who aided and abetted the massive violations of due process.

Yet, ignoring this entire investigation and all the facts exonerating me, the trial is to go ahead on this illegitimate basis.

The trials E17 378 and E 17 379 have always been scheduled to take place on the same day consecutively. A brief glance shows the same people, same methods and same motives are involved in the trials which are the outcome of the Trump, Kushner and Soros, Gates investigations.

The scale of the violations is further evidence of the involvement of Trump, Soros and others, specifically Kyriakos Mitsotakis.


Prosecutors in Larissa, in the course of investigating D 15 281 and E 17 449 collected evidence implicating individuals,including the headsof governments, in a conspiracy to silence a journalist reporting on a epidemic disease plot and their rolein it ib order to proceed with that plot. These investigations are still open. They can only be closed by a due process investigation and not by massive violations of procedure to set the victim, myself, up for a prison sentence. In fact, these violations constitute more evidence to be investigated.

An investigation would shed light on the coronavirus plot and be of especial interest to CHINA.China has asked WHO and other authorities to investigate the origins of coronavirus, and I encourage Greek prosecutors, China and WHO to look at the evidence in D 15 218 and E 17 449, especially the evidence that the global epidemic disease plot and private central bank “looting” plot are interrelated and connected in as far as after private banks have looted a population, created massive impoverishment, they require a control grid (martial law, dictatorship) to suppress social unrest as well as a means to cause mass deaths of people who have no economic future (jobs, pensions etc).

I note that I asked China for protection in October 2019, arguing that since China has a state central bank and its economy is growing, it will not have a motive to implement the global epidemic disease plot. Just two months later, China was itself, I suggest, the target of that very same epidemic global disease plot centred around Wuhan.

Under advise, whether from WHO or other authorities, China implemented a lockdown, severely hampering the economy. But after the first and most intense phase of the coronavirus outbreak was over, China lifted its lockdown and changed policies. Using its state central bank, it stimulated domestic consumptiona and economic production without implementing a second lockdown like the EU and Greece. Furthermore, China, unlike the EU and Greece, requires the results of its covid vaccine trials to be published in journals, allowing for scrutiny and transparency, which act as a break to reckless and dangerous experimentation.

I also reported on my fourthempire blog the transfer of a covid like respiratory and other diseases from a Canadian bioweapons lab in Winnipeg to China, 2019.

In retrospect, this transfer should be investigated especially under the hypothesis that the private banking consortium stepped up its efforts to destroy China using illegitimate, asymmetric means after China s economy continued aon its successful path of growth despite the obstacles created by Trump's trade war.

An investigation and eventual prosecutions would

  • stop the current coronavirus plot in Greece

  • act as a deterrence to future plots and acts of bioterrorism at a time of growing danger from biological agents

  • provide the basis of compensation for victims of the epidemic disease plot and the private central bank looting plot (compensation can be paid in 100s of billions of euros by central banks printing money as a single entry book keeping without interest and transferring them directly to victims)

Compensation could be asked from individuals like Bill Gates, funder of the Astra Zeneca vaccine, Professor john Bell, Astra Zeneca and othe r pharmacetical companies, Donald Trump, George Soros, Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Sebastian Kurz, Goldman, Central banks and others depending on the indictments and verdichts

  • serve to educate the general public

  • serve as a basis for reform and recommendations for averting a repeat

  • serve as the basis for new global standards of legal investigations into international crime syndicates (compare with the Nuremberg Trials)

In praticular, reform of the financial and central bank system so that the ECB etc print money like the Chinese state central bank using single entry book keeping, a key topic of my information as well as reform of the media

Persons named as people implicated in the attempts to silence me with a motive, means, opportunity as well as direct personal knowledge of my information and blogs include


See E 17 449


See E 17 449


Delta 15 218


Delta 15 218


Delta 15 218


Delta 15 218

GOLDMAN SACHS which was named in a police report in July 2015 in Delta 15 218 in connection with my reports on the fractional reserve banking system along with George Soros and Alexis Tsipras. But this section was removed from the police report without my knowledge or consent (tampering)

Also named in Delta 15 218 are

Dr SARAH WOLLASTON, then Chair of the UK Parliament Health Committee who asked me to testify about the UK's pandemic preparedness in 20156 after my Open Letter to UK MPs concerning the flaws of the so called Saatchi Bill, which would have allowed risky experimental vaccines like Merck's Ervebo, in through the back door. The law was suddenly blocked and I said, for reasons I describe in the Delta 15 218 July police report, I believed was the trigger for the de facto murder attempt.

THEN EC PRESIDENT JEAN CLAUDE JUNCKER who sent me a letter in December 2015 acknowledging the persecution I suffered as a journalist for reporting on the risks of vaccines.

This letter and other email correspondence should be in the file of current EC PRESIDENT URSULA VON DER LEYEN who has a duty of care to review documents.

The coronavirus vaccine contracts and campaign are being corindinated and carried out by the EC without any accountability or oversight and rife with conflicts of interests. That, as part of a plot which von der Leyen knows,or should know about,given the letter of her predecessor Jean Claude Juncker to me and other communications with EC officials on pandemic preparedness to me, all records she and her team have an obligation to review.









Since 2016, much more evidence has emerged, including the evidence that lawyer ELENI MATRAKI was bribed to tell me the wrong date

A clue concerning the involvement of Bill Gates is that Matraki gave a TED talk in Larisa just days before the trial designed to suppress and silence evidence against Bill Gates, among, others, a plan which Eleni Matraki actively aided and abetted by giving me the wrong court date allowing for me to be summarily arrested and imprisoned on the technicality of missing a trial and having no representative as she did not appear to plan to go either contrary to her promise.

TED talks are a platform linked to Bill Gates. One of Bill Gates most controversial talks on TED includes his statement that vaccines can reduce populations.

In the particular context, the invitation to a fairly much average lawyer, participate in TED talks looks like a bribe to enable her o burnish her reputation. Other members of the Matraki family who have certain knowledge o my case and trial include her father, Theodore, and brother and sister, Athaniso and Olympia, who are all lawyers all sharing the same office, and who constantly consult with each other and their father, and who all ultimately defer to their father as the head of the family law firm. An investigation of bank accounts and financial flows toth Matraki clan and to Eleni Matraki s husband could also shed light on connections, transactions, and commissions, which may, along with an investigation of SMS s, emails, help identify the ultimate organizers this plot.

In addition, she has refused to return the 450 euros in fees she was paid to represent me for the three counts on 16th December 2020.

Her criminal intent is shown by the fact that in an email she

a) threatened to prosecute for reporting her to the prosecutors despite knowing I had committed no crime and cannot be prosecuted for reporting evidence of her crimes in an apparent attempt at intimidation

b) lied to me, saying that she had earned the money despite knowing the fees were paid to represent me in court and the court had been postpone

c) falsely claim she had done other work for me which ammounted to that sum despite the fact I always paid her for her help, she never answered any emails in which I asked for advise, meaning that I always had to go to the office at a time she appointed and pay her

d) she refused me all help in trying to warn the people of Larisa in June 2019 about a plot to spread coronavirus from the Roma camp despite knowing

She has refused to give written confirmation she is no longer represents me at the upcoming trial.

As a result of the repeated bribery of lawyers I engage even for limited work, I hae to represent myself in difficult circumstances as a non Greek speaker.


The Greek government's failure to uphold the rule of law, and its criminal activities has resulted in great harm to myself. Indeed, it has, and continues to threaten my very life.

The fact that the massive violations of procedure can be proven just by a review of the documents means no further investigation is needed, just a review of the documents, to declare me innocent of the indictments in trials E17 318 and E 17 379.

I have a right to compensation for the damage they have suffered.

I ask that justice officials

  • declare me innocent of charges I am accused on 16th December 2020 as part of E 17 378 and E 17 379

  • do so now before the trial in recognition of the extreme urgency and weight of evidence

  • accept that I have been a victim of massive violations of my fair trial guarantees by the Greek government

  • declare me entitled to compensation as the victim of a criminal plot for the extra costs, stress, subjected to an extreme threat (false imprisonment, murder to be reframed as suicide, slander) repeatedly since 2015 and deprived of all due process and human rights

  • declare the Orthodox Church must repay me donations of 96,000 euros to Theodekti

  • do so urgently in recognition of the fact that my life is in extreme danger from being assassinated, killed even before the trials by actors

  • prepare if I am found dead and murdered to rule that I was murdered and that this increases the severity of the crimes of the Greek government and the amount of compensation that they have to pay to those who have suffer damage from such a drastic infringement of their right to know vital information from journalists performing a public watchdog function.

The freedom of media enjoys to so much protection precisely because information is the basis of political discourse and decisions.Deprived of information, the Greek people have not been able to apply pressure, campaign, assert their right to proper policies to stop the persecution of a journalist, the epidemic disease (covid) as well as bank looting plot,and protect their basic rights to life and health, property, education, or even their democracy, as I show below.

The documents in Delta 15 218 and E 17 449 prove a chain of cause and effect between the Greek government's violation of due process rules and human rights to persecute, threaten, endanger and target a journalist, specialized in epidemic measures, for false charges and incarceration, as part of a premeditated, multi stage, malicious plan to deprive the public of information and as part of that same Greek government's campaign of deception, omission and misinformation to carry out the epidemic disease plot.

These violations and failures make the Greek government liable for damages.

Criminal case Delta 15 218 opened by prosecutors in Larisa, Greece, proves that Greece's government had knowledge of a plot to unleash biological agents such as Ebola and Coronavirus or Covid 19 as a pretext to implement global medical martial law (lock downs) in 2015 already. It proves the government could have, and should have, prevented, and or been adequately prepared for, the current coronavirus epidemic, and in a position to implement standard epidemic controls measures –  as South Korea has of testing, isolation and contract tracing etc -- in a timely fashion, and so have been able to have avoided -- as South Korea avoided-- a lock down with the resulting the curtailment of human rights, economic damage of billions of euros, as well as avoided mass sickness and deaths through the coronavirus itself, and avoided too a second lockdown as China has done.

The way justice officials handled criminal case Delta 15 218 offers unambiguous, irrefutable proof, proof which is beyond any shadow of a doubt, proof sufficient to lead to a conviction in any court of law, that Greek governments, under both Alexis Tsipras and Kyriakos Mitsotakis, joined in the original conspiracy and conspired maliciously to falsely charge, incarcerate and silence a journalist (myself) using criminal means, violating the state's own procedures as well as the right to life, fair trial, freedom of the media, as well as the state's duty to protect whistle blowers and implement a corresponding EU directive.
Their aim has been to deprive the public of an accurate source of information about how to contain the coronavirus and other epidemic diseases without a lockdown, without excessive economic damage and without the infringement of human rights. That, in order to persuade the public through malicious information and false misrepresentation that there was no alternative to a lockdown, and that economic damage was the price to pay for stopping the coronavirus.
The Greek government wilfully and maliciously implemented a lockdown on the basis of doubtful data and models, thereby causing disruption to the economy which could have been prevented.
Its actions have caused huge damage to the health, businesses and property of the people of Greece, leading to soaring unemployment, bankruptcies, stress and likely many premature deaths.
The Greek government has no defense against compensation claims by Greek people and businesses  who have suffered losses, bankruptcy, sickness, death due to the coronavirus measures as well as massive infringements to their human rights.

For all of this damage of billions of euros, the Greek government is liable, and it can pay for that damage using its central banks ability to print money using the single entry book keeping system as China's central bank, the PBOC, does (for example, its new digital Yuan.

The unambiguous proofs contained in the documents Delta 15 218 also show that the Greek government knew from 2015 from my reports described in Delta 15 218 that its private central bank, printing money as a double entry book keeping entry with interest, with private banks as the sole accessories, constituted fraud, and would result I the impoverishment of the Greek people, bankruptcy, austerity and economic collapse if the private banks were not checked and stopped from using this method to loot the Greek people. Likewise, the documents prove that the Greek government, acting with a criminal intention and plan, sought to do everything in its power to stop this information becoming available to the public, fearing it would lead to public pressure to end these fraudulent practises.

The losses to the Greek people since 2015, from the so called EU, ECB bailouts, and from the covid lockdown plot, amount to 100s of billions of euros. Ekathimerini reports that businesses in Greece lost 36 billion euros in 2020 alone from the lockdown plot. The economic pain is set to get worse as the government's tax revenues have collapsed meaning that the interest it pays to borrow money to pay for the subsidies will explode.

The Greek government could, like the Chinese government, use its central bank to create money as a single entry book keeping entry and transfer it digitally or electronically to bank accounts as a grant, present, gift, stimulus with no obligation for the money to be returned, and the documents in D 15 218 prove that the Greek government has had knowledge of this, at least since 2015.

That means the Greek government cannot claim that the the growing debt burden, economic collapse is a hand of God, out of its control, or that it acted in good faith in implementing using private banks to fund expenditure, greatly enriching private bankers with interest.

To prevent inflation, the government can give compensation in the form of multi year or lifetime grants or pensions, for example,all school children and students whose right to education has been disrupted affecting their future could get an annual,lifetime time grant or monthly grant of, say, 400 euros to offset life long losses.

The Greek people are entitled to claim compensation, have debts cancelled, foreclosed houses restored, interest free loans which do not need to be repaid as a just restitution to victims of a  financial fraud perpetrated by false and erroneous information and omissions about how private banks and central banks create money in which the Greek government also engaged.
I note that the economy of China has grown three times since 2010 when I translated a report in an Austrian newspaper, Der Standard, by Economics Professor Franz Hoermann who explained how fractional reserve money printing is expropriation and noted the fact that China is virtually the only country (apart perhaps from Israel) which prints money using the single entry book keeping. Meanwhile, the US economy has stalled under the weight of debt and interest generated by its Federal Reserve central bank (privatized in 1913) and private banks putting into circulation virtually all money as double entry book keeping with interest.

I included information on my reporting of this subject in my police report dated July 2015 in Delta 15 218 ordered by Larisa prosecutor. To underline how vital this information is considered by a criminal elite engaged in a campaign of deception and omission, this section of a report was edited out of the Greek translation prepared by my then lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulos without my knowledge and consent. In the end, all the police reports were suppressed. But the section about banks printing money out of thin air and mentioning Alexis Tsiras never made it into the report in the first place in a brazen act of evidence tampering.
I included it in my submission to the Supreme Court in Athens in 2016.

I note that  a legal precedent set in 1968 which would allow the government, the Supreme Court of Greece or any court to rule that all personal loans obtained by all Greek people from banks, specifically mortgages, are unlawful.

By issuing a single ruling, the government or Supreme Court could stop all foreclosures, restitute properties or businesses seized by banks so far, slash personal debt, free up money for consumption, stimulate the Greek economy and stablize society.

The scheme involves reviving the judgement issued in the case of Jerome Daly versus the First National Bank of Montgomery v. Jerome Daly by Judge Martin Vincent Mahoney in which Jerome Daly gave a factually accurate account of how money was created by private banks as a book keeping entry, how the banks never gave him anything of value when they gave him a mortgage, and how they are not entitled to anything of value (his house) if he fails to keep up payments. Fraud vitiate alls contracts.

Therefore, the Greek people, businesses,school children who have suffered economic and other infringements of their basic rights,including their right to schooling, are entitled to claim compensation from the government. The Greek government cannot claim that the coronavirus is a hand of God.The unambiguous proofs contained in the documents Delta 15 218 and E 17 499 and the associated trials showing that the Greek government is acting either with extreme criminal negligence or, far more likely, with a criminal intention to bury and suppress information, means that the Greek government cannot claim that the coronavirus epidemic is a hand of God, out of its control, or that it acted in good faith in implementing medical martial law and a risky vaccine campaign.

I ask that justice officials

  • accept that the Greek public has been deprived of vital information which it has a right to know because of these victim of massive violations of my fair trial guarantees hampering my efforts as a journalist to give information on matters of vital interest

  • declare all Greek people who have suffered damages as a consequence of that epidemic plot,specifically lockdowns, school disruptions, infringements of civil liberties, stress, etc eligible for compensation from the Greek government

  • declare the Orthodox Church especially negligent and or criminal given the facts in Delta 15 218 and that its assets,land, property, monies can be used to compensate Greeks

  • declare all Greek people who have suffered damages as a consequence of that private central bank plot eligible for compensation from the Greek government

  • declare the government can compensate everyone up to 100s of billions of euros using single entry book keeping like the Chinese central bank providing the money to rebuild Greece

Note that the Lisbon Treaty Article prohiting monetary financing does not apply to single entry book keeping but to double entry book keeping and central banks who print money as debt in the way they direct access to their money private banks only. But this method is a fraud

  • do so urgently in recognition of the fact that Greece is on the verge of a mass vaccination campaign and economic collapsec due to the lockdowns (shrinking tax revenues, austerity, burgeoning debt) and the alternative to inaction could be the end of Greece

In addition, I ask justice officials to investigate the content and evidence in D 15 218 and E 17 449 and the coronavirus as a criminal plot, collecting evidence, documents, questioning witnesses.

Since current PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis is implicated in the plot, an investigation would require his resignation as well as the resignation of other key drivers of the plot in the Ministry of Interior and Health, specifically, pending a full investigation.

I strongly suggest Greek and Chinese officials join forces.

St Paisios predicted these events in 1987 (Signs of the Times) interpreting the vaccines and economic lockdown and vaccine certificates with QR codes as thhe End Times and also that Jesus Chris would help Greece and the world.

I do believe any attempt to stop the coronavirus plot and stablize the economy will have God s blessing!

Thank you for your attention,

Jane Burgermeister, MA Hons Edinburgh University





E 17 /449 Documents Overview

*Annotated with notes in English and highlighted parts to help non Greek speakers navigate the documents

E 17 /449 Documents Overview

Email correspondence with Christina Fadeeva TV Producer "Premier Documentary Movie Fellowship" Moscow working for state TV


"ChristinaFadeevaEmailsJune2016", pdf


Email exchange in June 2016 to set up an interview in Larisa for a documentary on the subject of articificial virus and epidemics in the USA, mentioning

· Bill Gates and George Soros

· FBI, "Bureau"

· Baxter case 2009

· swine flu 2009

· Ebola

· "technical ways of spreading Ebola epidemic ie through faulty diagnosic kits, equipment"

· the murder attempt against me in 2015

· Simos Samaras and his defamation charges against me

Email exchange over payment for my interview and work on June 20th 2016 . Christina Fadeeva did not pay any renumeration

H 17 44



Simos Samaras criminal charges at Larisa police on 16th Februay 2017 over my blog posts on

1)7th February 2017  criticising Trump (Simos Samaras was not mentioned) 2) 15th February 2017 relaying the allegations that Jared Kushner helped the Russian

referenced by Simos Samaras as the blog post which he saw on his computer for the first time on 16th February 2017

Page 1 The charges against me signed by deputy police chief Giorgos Vasileos on 21st February 2017 and given the prosecutors file number H 17 44 on 24 February 2017

Page 3 - 12 Simos Samaras charges

Pages 13, 14, 15 Police records of his testimony at the police station on 16th February 2017

H17 44 became E 17 /449 after my testimony to the prosecutor in May proving huge procedural violations




"EvidenceE17449 1".pdf

"EvidenceE17449 2".pdf

My charges given file number E 17 /449

Page 6

My statement naming Jared Kushner and Trump as the people with the motive to suppress the allegations of the "Russian journalist working for the Russian government made when I gave an interview in Larisa in June 2016 on biological warfare" that Trump and Kushner are helping them

Actual date of submission is 24 July 2017 as shown by receipts of fees paid to file charges and become a party

Prosecutors office gave the date 26 May 2017

Evidence attached

Page 44, copy of the registration of my new address Theotokopoulou 4 to 6,Larisa, vby Larisa court on 4th April 2017

Page 45, the summons issued on 2nd May 2017 by the police magistrate, sent on 3rd May 2017 to my old address, Plapouta 1, ordering me to face allegations of crimes according to article 230 of the criminal code by Simos Samaras at the police magistrates office at 11 am on Friday 5th May 2017 (over my blog posts on 7 th February 2017 and 15 February 2017 in which I relayed the allegations of the Russian journalist about Kushner's help for visas

Pages 47 to 49 , copies of that the fees were paid to file charges and become a party to case E 16 489 and L 16 162 received on 24 7 2017.

Please note that file number E 16 489 is slightly different from E 17 /449 on the electronic form, possibly because the court made a mistake but from the context, especially, the court stamp E 17 /449 on the first page of the charges, it is clear that I am applying to file charges and become a party in the heart of the matter described in E 17 /449.

I was, in fact, invited to testify as a party to E 17 /449 in November 2017

E 17 /449

Appeals prosecutor court decision 146 on 14 July 2017 instructing my charges to be investigated at Larisa prosecutors office


Appealscourtdecision1 JPG

Appealscourtdecision2 JPG



E 17 /449 My testimony to Larisa police magistrate as a party



Note page 6 should be page 5,scanned in in wrong order

1) 23 November 2017 transcript

Final page (page 6 in ATTACHMENT) my statement that Trump and Kushner devised a criminal plot to have me arrested without due process because of my blog post on February 15 2017 relaying the allegations of the Russian journalist that Kushner, Mike Pence and Reince Priebus helped him obtain visas

2)  30 November 2017 transcript

Final page (7) my statement that Trump and Kushner were motivated to attempt to have me arrested using criminal means because they feared that my report relaying the allegations of the Russian journalist about Kushner, Priebus and Pence help for visas would result in more intense scrutiny of their Russia ties by the FBI

Note only first page (double sided of my testimony to prosecutors in May 2017 for H 17 44 which had been folded into this file is scanned in as it is the only page I can find but the content is more or less the same as my charges E 17 /449 referenced in the testimony with the date 24.7.2017 when I paid the fees to become a party





Delta 15 218 (Greek Δ 15/218) Documents Overview

The key documents belonging to this file Delta 15 218 can be found at this link

The files are too large to send all as attachments.

The key documents are



File Number



Larisa police record of charges filed


Co signed by Jane Burgermeister, two investigating police officers and translator

Charges against Theodekti and Theoniki for

murder attempt due to reports on my blog

Police record of charges filed


Co signed by Jane Burgermeister, two investigating police officers and translator

My charges,


Jane Burgermeister

written with the help of my then lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulos with fee receipt number to become a “party”



Theodekti and Theoniki for murder

attempt due to

reports on my

birdflu666 blog,








Police report,


Co signed by Jane Burgermeister, two investigating police officers and translator

Report of the

attempt by

Theodekti to bribe my then lawyer Christopoulos

that same day

Police report


1019/26/958 a

Police officer Vaios Papadimitroulas

Record of call by police to Theodekti in relation to her bribery attempt and to warn her against phoning my lawyer again

Police file

sent to the prosecutor's office, Larisa

Αναφορά Αστυνομίας  Λάρισας,  Μάιος2015,  ΑΠ  1053 3 136-B


Police file number

1053 3 136-B

Prosecutor's file number

Δ 15/218 

Signed by Larisa police chief Asterios Mantzokas

Sent to prosecutors

1.Original charges 22.04.2015

2. Report of bribery attempt

3. Evidence, including letter from the doctor from 22.04.2015 with file number 1053 3 136-A

Prosecutor's office


Receipt of the police file sent on 11.05.2015

Police file number

1053 3 136-B

Prosecutor's file number

Δ 15/218 

File assigned to Christina Fasoula, the prosecutor on duty when Christopoulos reported the bribery attempt on 27 April 2015

Stamp confirming receipt of police report and recording new file number

Police record of receipt of my more detailed report on the events translated by K. Christopoulos

Αναφορά  ΑστυνομίαςΛάρισας,  Ιούλιος  2015  ΑΠ  1053 3 136  B


Δ 15 /218

Police officers Evangelas Toutounas and Sofias Mitsiou

E. Toutounas started an illegal investigation into a fake person using handwritten nots

See XX

Report naming George Soros, Bill Gatesas persons with a motive to have me murdered for exposing his links

to Ebola plot, and my letter to UK MPs warning about the risks of Ebola vaccines as the first cause of their

action, that is, murder attempt

Police report,

Greek translation


Δ 15 /218

Jane Burgermeister, handed over by lawyer K. Christopoulosy after editing out about three pages, including my naming George Soros as person with the biggest motive, means and opportunity to

try to silence me on account of my blog, and mentioning the meeting of and his meeting with Werner Faymann

Police instructions on witnesses to be questioned


Δ 15 /218

Police chief Asterios Mantzokas

Mantzokas is the same police man who sent the file with the original charges and bribery attempt to the prosecutor's office in May

Instructing police in Ajia to question a fake person

Th Vallianatou

along side the

two culprits,

Theodekti and Theoniki,

as witnesses

not under oath,

a biased and

non essential witness



and Theosemni

Police report


Δ 15 /218

Ajia deputy police chief, Andreas Kolumpias


Αναφορά εισαγγελέα ΛάρισαςΙανουάριος 2016, Δ  15/218


Δ 15/218

Jane Burgermeister

translated into Greek by a court certified translator


George Soros and Alexis Tsipras have



of my blog



Prosecutor's office confirms receipt of my report


Δ 15/218

Prosecutor Anna Valogianni with note saying that my report should be added to the file

had been assigned to Christina Fasoula


George Soros


Alexis Tsipras have direct knowledge

of my blog