Francis Boyle is a professor of international law at the University of Illinois  College of Law has said the coronavirus is a biological weapons attack orignating from Wuhan's BSL lab and China is behind it.

My thinking is that it is a bioweapons attack but launched not by China but by NWO Globalist with partners  in China's CDC Wuhan bioweapons labs. 

Let's go through my reasons considering event in terms of crime motive, means and opportunity

Motive, China has no motive to launch biological weapons attack against its own population. 

NWO Globalits have a motive, namely to stop the ascendency of China as new global  superpower boosted by its central bank operating like Fed before it was privatized 
1913 and also the rise of India and the BRICs.

A pandemic spreading around the globe, especially to India which borders China, also 
provide cover for engineered financial collapse and global medical martial law.

The coronavirus is contagious justifying widespread martial law. the Ebola is harsh 
justifying draconian martial law.

Indian researchers have revealed the virus has HIV inserts. So the coronavaris vaccine 
being rushed into production could also have a HIV like virus. Ebola is a harsher 
strain of HIV.

It has also emerged that Wuhan and US bioweapons scientists have been focussing on the 
border between China and India as a place where Ebola and coronavirus overlap.

What looks like a pseudo scientific paper about Ebola in bats in Northern India close 
to China has been published in a journal originally funded by Bill Gates just in time 
to justify an official narrative of an Ebola outbreak coming from bats and providing 
plausibility of denial.

The NWO Globalists seem to be seeking to create an overlapping Ebola and coronavirus emergency in a location like China and India or the DR Congo in order to push the narrative of an out of control and lethal disease spreading to all corerns of the globe.

Risky coronavirus and Ebola vaccines are being rushed through for use under emergency 
rules and forced vaccination can be carried out once WHO declares a PHEIC. It has now 
declared both Ebola and coronvirus a PHEIC or global emergency. 

The Merck Ebola vaccine already has a license in the USA, UK and Europe and equally dangerous Ebola vaccines have a license in Russia and China (another sign China's CDC chief is a Globalist operative (blackmailed?)

After considering the motive, lets look at the questions of means used for the biological attack underway.

Both China, NWO Globalists have bioweapon programmes. But specific coronavirus 
with HIV segments seems to originate from Canada Winnipeg lab

Canada's Winnipeg lab confirmed to media transferred live Ebola, henipavirus after 
securing its intellectual property rights, proof of lab made virus

Therefore, it is a myth that virus samples were stolen from lab by Chinese spies, sent 
on purpose to China by same Winipeg lab which made Merck's Ebola vaccine.

It looks very much like the means for the attack, the specific coronavirus, came from 
a Quebec lab.

Opportunity  comes in the form of assets inside Wuhan's BSL 4 bioweapons lab, which works 
with US bioweapons labs on studies, as it turns out. Fact is a virus cannot escape 
from a BSL 4 lab by accident. It is BSL lab of the highest level with so many 
precuations precisely to ensure the virus is isolated. It must have been released 
deliberately. Wuhan bioweapons lab was chosen because of its proximity to  a built up 
area with a large populaation allowing for better control of spread of the virus and 
monitoring than say in Peking etc and promoting their own protection.

The attack took place in a seafood market to allow for plausible deniability and to 
blame the new disease on some exotic animal, setting etc. But the virus seems to have 
been introduced in multiple locations, accounting for the unexplained infections.

To sum up Francis Boyle has mixed accurate info with disinformation as disinformation 
agents do to come up with a nonsensical narrative of China launching a biological 
weapons attack against its own people. Let's be clear. 

The coronavirus is part of a geopolitical game. But not between state. The core are 
the private banksters, the NWO Globalists and their crony politicians, royal families 
and corporations, seeking to set up a one world government.

To stress, if  China wanted to lauch a biological weapons attack, New York, 
Washington, London etc would be the target, not its own country, own military deployed 
to tackle the outbreak in Wuhan. It would not seek to damage its own economy by being 
the epicentre of an outbreak.

China and others, including terorist groups, may now be contemplating using biological 
weapons more earnestly.

I urge China to investigate the Globalists inside their labs, organizations first and 
remove the Wuhan, CDC clique who could launch more biological attacks immediately. 

Tracking the Winnipeg shipment through logs should give clues as to who is involved.

If the fingers point at Xi Jinping and his clique like so much, the PLA should deal 
with him once and for all.

The Pentgon, UK, German militaries are also the target of the NWO Globalists. They are 
needed to give the rest of the populations the lethal jabs and put them into 
concentration camps before being given the jab themselves.

The NWO may seek to dispose of national militaries by various other means first (given 
the jabs first, deployed to the front of some new war) and use UN troops, for example, 
UN African, Indian, Chinese troops in, say, the UK, USA, Germany with US, UK, German 
troops in Europe, Middle East etc as part of some NATO force in some staged war with 
Russia under Illuminati bankster Putin, who also faces social unrest and wants to get 
rid of his people impoverished by the private Russian central bank by conscription, 
Ebola vaccines etc

A problem that the NWO face is has that Africa, India, China is also alert to the 
depopulation plan and will not want to send their troops to be fed into the grinder in 
some other country either.

Furthermore, India, China etc will almost certainly use the anti flu, HIV drugs which 
have proven to be so effective against the new coronavirus and also Ebola.

Meanwhile, the NWO globalists will seek to continue to suppress these successful cures 
and divert everyone to very dangerous vaccines given under emergency rules. That, 
despite, the fact virtually the entire world knows about the vaccine plot in 2020, 
their crimes are such they meet the conditions for conviction in courts of law.

The US FBI and prosecutors are already zeroning in on the NWO Kingpins as is shown in 
their focus on Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell. Who knows what was in Jeffrey Epstein 
s safe? Maybe there were the NWO depopulation plans and contacts along with blackmail 
material? Maybe my name even was among the files or a regular part of their email 
exchanges etc as somone to be silenced? 

That is just speculation. 

But crystal clear is that the world's militaries and intelligence agencies have 
decompartmentalized in 2020, are not going to accept the kind of white wash inquiries 
into pandemics which Paul Flynn, Wolfgang Wodarg and other NWO operatives staged in 
2010 at PACE over the swine flu scandal, and which excluded all evidence that the 
vaccine was harmful and all the key whistleblowers, and left the entire system in 

The PHEIC system must be dismantled. It is too dangerous. If the NWO Globalists get 
away with this, the experience of the past ten years shows they will be back in a few 
months with an even more dangerous plot, involving more dangerous diseases, more 
combinations, more tricks, more lies.

The world must unite to put the private banksters and NWO Globalists in jail.

Once they are out of the picture, countries can stabilize their financial systems, 
cancel debts, and restore state central banks printing money as single entry book 
keeping entry and not under the double entry book keeping system of debt with 

The world can begin a new era and with a focus on renewable energy, growth can be