In 2009, Baxter mixed 72 kilos of seasonal flu virus with the deadly bird flu in a BSL 3 lab in Austria, sent it to 16 labs in Austria and three other countries, nearly triggering a global pandemic.

In the Baxter incident, we have any absolutely clear cut case of a pharmaceutical company trying to start a global pandemic deliberately. 

A pandemic in the centre of Europe would have justifed  WHO immediately declaring a global pandemic, triggered international and national emergency powers  such as, The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, the Swiss, Austrian, Greek national pandemic plans, martial law measures, mass forced vaccinations and quarantines.

A state of global medical martial law is the objective of the NWO Globalists. Bill Gates and his foundation have played a key role in funding WHO and its establishment of a global martial law system and mass vaccinations in response to epidemics at the expense of standard epidemic control measures.

How do we know Baxter acted deliberately in contaminating 72 kilos of flu with the bird flu virus? For one thing, BSL 3 precautions rule out accidental mixing the bird flu and seasonal flu as part of any vaccine research, let alone 72 kilos, a gigantic amount of biological material.

72 kilos could have contained hundreds of millions of lethal doses. The amount only came to light in parliamentary answers on the incident in May 2009 when the then Austrian health minister Alois Stoger tried to play down the danger of the episode.

I filed charges in Vienna in 2009 over the incident after media and parliament failed to investigate. A state prosecutor in Vienna opened an investigation into Baxter precisely because there was so much evidence that Baxter must have acted deliberately.

That the state prosecutors were investigating was confirmed in an email in May 2009 sent to me by the Austrian Health Ministry.

Just days after the state prosecutor opened an investigation, the swine flu broke out in Mexico, triggering a WHO global pandemic emergency and mass vaccination programmes in 2009.

"The creation of a swine-avian hybrid could have nightmarish consequences. H1N1 is comparable in severity to seasonal flu, and it spreads just as easily; H5N1 doesn’t pass easily between humans, but it is more lethal. Were bird flu and swine flu to combine, the result might be a killer strain comparable to the 1918 pandemic virus. The Indonesian strategy for preventing this dread convergence—scanning for fevers and disinfecting foreigners at the airport—will not keep the different flu strains apart. But Supari’s information blackout might prevent us from recognizing a deadly H5N1/H1N1 hybrid until it is too late."

What kind of virus exactly did Baxter create and try to release deliberately?  Baxter created and released a hybrid virus with a high death rate and which was airborne, allowing for easy human-to-human transmission, comparable to the Spanish flu.

The H5N1 bird flu virus is very hard to catch, but when combined with seasonal flu viruses, which are airborne and spread easily, a new flu virus is created which is both airbone and deadly. 

That is, Baxter created an especially dangerous virus like the Spanish Flu of 1918, which killed more people than World War 1.

The Baxter case is important today because it

proves a deliberate plan to cause a global pandemic 

proves a plan to trigger global martial law with forced vaccinations which risky shots which those same pharmaceutical companies are set to supply. Baxter sealed a contract with the Austrian government in 2006 to supply 16 million doses of bird flu vaccines in the event of a bird flu pandemic of the kind it nearly triggered on purpose in 2009.

highlights the attempts to weaponize viruses and vaccines to repeat the mass deaths caused by the virulent and transmissible Spanish Flu in 1918

reveals the role of the media and governments in hiding the true causes of an epidemic while hypng natural causes 

is the same plan used in the 2014, 2015 Ebola outbreak

is the same plan used in  2020 with the coronavirus, Ebola, bird flu outbreak

will be, almost certainly, the same plan used in 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 or however often the NWO Globalists can get away with it if we do not take action to dismantle the system

WHO has issued two global emergencies for Ebola and coronavirus. Vaccines for both diseases are being rushed into production. A risky Merck Ebola vaccine has already been given a license by the FDA and EMA.

In the next few months, people all around the world could be forced to take these vacines if we do not take action now.

The threat level is now so high that everyone needs to take action. Everyone is the target of the Globalist depopulation plans using covert biological warfare with WHO acting as the spearhead . Everyone has skin in the game.  Everyone can see that the media, governments, NGOs have failed to address the threat , let alone dismantle the system.

There is growing evidence the coronavirus is a weaponized, lab made virus released deliberately likely from Wuhan BSL 4 lab as part of a multi phase plan to put in circulation an airborne virus which is also lethal.

Let's look at the Baxter episode in more detail becaue it will help to understand what is going on today with the coronavirus scam.

The contamination was discovered by lab staff working at the biomedical firm Biotest in the Czech Republic, who raised the alarm. They tested the material on ferrets who started to die, showing the bird flu virus was almost certainly live. 

A deliberate release 

How do we know Baxter acted delibrately and on purpose in mixing the two viruses 

it happened in a BSL 3 lab with very tight safeguards. 

The pupose of the BSL system for the safe-handling of toxic substances is to make an accidental contamination of ordinary flu material with the dangerous bird flu virus  impossible.

the quantity of flu virus contaminated with the bidflu virus was gigantic, 72 kilos, it emerged in parliamentary answers on the incident

US bioweapons official Andrew Weber said a few grams of small pox might be enough for millions of doses. 

"When it comes to biological weapons, Weber said, just a tiny amount can bring incredibly lethal results. "Ounces or pounds would be enough. You can have millions of lethal doses of anthrax in a several-pound quantity... With smallpox, maybe just a few grams."

It is not clear how many doses 72 kilos of the contaminated material contained but it could have been hundreds of millions of doses. Even if only a small portion of the mixture of viruses retained the killing properties of the bird flu, it could have resulted in mass deaths

there was no reason for Baxter to have bird flu virus, sent by a WHO reference lab, according to reports,  in its facility in Orth an der Donau in the first place

live virus was sent out of the lab (irradiated) to a small company called Avir Greenhills biotechnology in Vienna and from there to 16 labs in Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Germany. 

material was sent by normal post, courrier servies apparently under a false or misleading label presumably omitting any mention of the bird flu virus. That meant, the lab staff handling it in the 16 labs who received it were not warned to take extra precautions to avoid infection.

Presumably it was to be used in the kind of human tests that Novartis was carrying out in Poland in 2007 when homeless people died after being given the bird flu virus in a vaccine they were told was a harmless flu shot.

In Vienna, at that time Baxter was carrying out phase 1 study of a bird flu nasal spray (airborne droplets)

A deliberate release of a highly pathogentic hybrid virus

What kind of virus did  Baxter use?

Baxter used a bird flu virus which comes from a US bioweapons lab. The bird flu virus was reconstructed by Jeffrey K Taubenberger from the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington using lung tissue retrieved from victims of Spanish Flu from 1918-1919, which yielded pieces of the virus's genes

this bird flu virus was used as the base for a hybrid because of its high death rate (63%) and other properties

Bird flu causes people to bleed out into their own lungs and victims suffocate on their own blood. But it is very hard to catch.unless it is put together with a regular human flu to create a hybrid virus which infects people easily.

The H5N1 virus, "even if it were let out of the lab, would be only lethal for  birds in its present state," said Ilaria Capua, a veterinary virologist, whose laboratory in Padova, Italy

Research published  in 2008 by scientists at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control found that in the laboratory, the newly reconstructed version of the Spanish flu virus, the bird flu virus, mixed readily with ordinary human flu virus and so acquired  human-to-human transmissibility while a portion retained some of the killing power of the bird flu virus.It was precisely this very  mix of a lethal H5N1 bird flu virus and an ordinary human flu H3N2 virus that Baxter manufactured in its laboratory in Orth/Donau in December 2008, and then distributed via Avir to 16 laboratories in Austria and abroad in January 2009. 

Indonesia in 2007 refused to share samples of the birdflu virus with WHO over fears it was weaponized and WHO was patenting and allowing other countries, companies to patent it (the most lethal versions)

The then Indonesian health minister accused " the United States of genetically engineering H1N1 (the swine flu virus) and H5N1 (the bird flu pathogen) as biological weapons. Wielding those charges, she flouted agreements with the World Health Organization (WHO), refusing to share samples from Indonesians infected with avian influenza—specimens the rest of the world desperately needs to track a virus on the move.
Supari not only has clamped down on viral and epidemiological information but has also cut off cooperation with NAMRU-2, the U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit in Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta. Since 1970 the lab has helped advance knowledge on a range of infectious diseases, including malaria, dengue, and, more recently, bird flu in Southeast Asia. But Supari wants the Americans and their scientific paraphernalia to get out.
 Supari reportedly threatened with severe punishment any Indonesian scientist caught conducting experiments with researchers at the naval laboratory. Once bustling with scientists, that lab now has only a handful of researchers, all on temporary visas.

A deliberate release of a highly pathogentic hybrid virus causing mass deaths

How do we know the mixture of live birdf flu H5N1 and flu H3N2 viruses  could have infected humans and started an international pandemic emergency?

13 BioTest lab staff in the Czech Republic exposed to the virus for a week were given Tamilfu to treat them preventatively for birdflu
18 laboratory staff belonging to Avir Greehills Biotechnology did adhere to BSL 3 precautions. But they too had to undergo preventative treatment for the bird flu at the Otto Wagner Hospital in Vienna on February, 2009, because of their exposure as part of their work to the highly pathogenic bird flu virus.

This indicates that, in the opinion of medical experts, there was a risk that the staff of BioTest and Avir had contracted bird flu. That means that the staff could have, unknowingly, acted as incubators of a hybrid virus and carriers of a pandemic virus into the population of Vienna and Pargue and during the flu season in winter time.

Panasonic recalled its staff in Europe on 9th February 2009 as soon as the contamination was discovered in the Czech lab and the alarm raised and at a time when the media still had not report on the incident

Feb 10, 2009 (CIDRAP News) – News reports that Panasonic Corp. has asked some of its overseas employees to send their families home to Japan because of the threat of pandemic influenza fueled puzzlement and speculation today about the global H5N1 risk and whether other companies might follow suit.
Bloomberg News reported that in December 2008 Panasonic asked employees in some of its Asian offices (excluding Singapore), Africa, Eastern Europe, and South America to send their families back to Japan by September.
Akira Kadota, a Panasonic spokesman, told Bloomberg that the request to employees is an element of its pandemic planning. "We chose areas after considering the prevalence of bird flu and the capability of medical facilities and access to them," he said.

A deliberate release of a highly pathogentic hybrid virus causing mass deaths to trigger mass vaccinations

Baxter, (headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, the Senate seat of Barack Obama), planned to profit from their triggering a bird flu pandemic by sealing a contract in 2006 with the Austrian Health Ministry, led by then Health Minister Maria Rauch-Kallat, to supply 16 million vaccine shots in the event of a bird flu pandemic being declared
We don t know it that may also have been contaminated with live viruses or something else.
Baxter produced the bird flu vaccines in a Czech lab not in Austria. 

Crucially, these vaccines could have been given, and still can be given, by force under national pandemic plans activated by WHO's epidemic emergency declaration. 

They can be given under emergency rules which means they do not have to be proven to be safe or effective and the pharma companies ask for, and get, immunity from all compensation claims.