Ghislaine Maxwell, Queen should pick up the phone and call off their henchmen

After the Queen's public show of support for Prince Andrew at the weekend failed to hold back the FBI, US prosecutors and even the UK Met, the Queen held crisis talks with Prince Charles.

The Queen herself is reported to have said to a friend, ‘Where did I go wrong?’”

Hint. There is something called objective, substantial reality with billions of people existing outside her fantasy world, fairy tale wishful thinking.

They are not going to allow her, Prince Andrew, Charles, William and co  wipe their feet all over them, give them forced jabs, depopulate the globe so they can play polo.

Queen, Charles, Ghislaine Maxwell should pick up the phone and make sure I survive the criminal case here in Greece Delta 15 218. 

If I do not survive it, the evidence of murder is already there inside a criminal case opened by prosecutors into the original murder attempt and the evidence that George Soros and Alexis Tsipras are involved has been added to that criminal case, evidence which has been suppressed to set me up for a lethal penalty much like the British rape victim of an Israeli gang.

Nothing can close that  criminal case now opened by a prosecutor except a due process investigation or my signature on an out of court settlement. Given all the evidence, my dead body means a murder case and a due process investigation into my murder will turn up lots of new evidence  as the corrupt prosecutors , politicians, clergy flip.

Queen, the attempts to murder me for reporting on the Nazi depopulation plan using medical martial law won't go away because you want it.

The plot has already predictably failed. China, Thailand have already found a cure for the new coronavirus. The epidemic is expected to hit its high point in China in ten to 14 days.

The Chinese are not going to be happy with the NWO Globalists who seem to behind the Wuhan plot...

The Sun

LORRAINE KELLY Prince Andrew, the Epstein sleaze will not go away because you stay schtum
Lorraine Kelly
1 Feb 2020, 2:20
SO here we are in a state of limbo. The FBI says Prince Andrew won’t return their calls, while he maintains he is ready to talk.

It’s a Mexican stand-off, but amid all the bluster and blame there are damaged women who want, and need, justice.

 The FBI says Prince Andrew won’t return their calls, while he maintains he is ready to talk
The FBI says Prince Andrew won’t return their calls, while he maintains he is ready to talkCredit: BBC supplied by Pixel8000 07917221968
You could understand if there was reluctance on the part of Prince Andrew at the prospect of being grilled by US law enforcement.

As we all know, he made a right a*** of himself when he was interviewed for Newsnight, so imagine the potential for total self-destruction under the forensic questioning of FBI agents about his friendship and involvement with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

After he was put on the spot by the BBC’s Emily Maitlis, Andrew seemed to be the only person in the country not cringing with embarrassment in the aftermath of that ­disastrous PR car crash.

He actually believed the interview had gone “rather well”, which shows a breath-taking lack of self-awareness combined with jaw-dropping stupidity.

Beyond parody
His advisers must be panicking, as they are well aware he could damn himself, either by mistake or because he really has something to hide.

Remember, he genuinely thought all of us oiks would tug our forelocks and meekly accept that bizarre “no sweat” alibi.

Then there was his vow that he couldn’t possibly have had sexual relations with a teenager because he was at Pizza Express in Woking with his daughters.

It was a Monty Python-esque image and beyond parody. Andrew has always denied any wrongdoing and all of the claims by Virginia Giuffre (formerly Virginia Roberts) who maintains he had sex with her when she was just 17 years old at the London home of Ghislaine Maxwell, who allegedly procured young women for Epstein.

This may have been a world of vast wealth and private jets, but the reality was seedy, ­sordid and shameful, and young women like Virginia still carry the mental scars.

Andrew was, whether he realised it or not, part of that wicked world because of his association with Epstein. He surely now has to cooperate with the US authorities and either clear his name or face the consequences.