Anyone who thinks that the notion that WHO and others are deliberately releasing pandemic viruses is a conspiracy theory should bear in mind Austria's anti terorirism unit (BVT) called me in for a two hour interview on July 5th 2009 over the charges I filed about a bioterrorism incident in Switzerland.

You can see a copy of the invitation with blacked out details at the link below


At this link is an email I sent to someone about the interview in July 2009 with the above as pdf


The BVT  invitation said International school because the interview was mainly about the train incident and not about Baxter's contamination of 72 kilos of flu virus with the deadly birdflu virus in its BSL3 facilities in Austria.

Here is a copy of my charges from 1st May 2009  in German


Professionals took the charges seriously because of the facts, details of the incident which can t be explained unless you assume it was a deliberate act.

My charges allege a bioterrorism incident in Switzerland  on 29th April 2009 when a "faultily" packed container with vials of "swine flu", allegedly direct from Mexico City, and a WHO-affiliated laboratory, exploded on a packed Inter City train close to Lausanne, spraying the passengers with the biological agent as the container was transported right across Switzerland to Geneva's national influenza lab.


The container exploded with so much force that the lab tech carrying the container and some of the passengers were injured.

61 people were in the train compartment and exposed to the virus.

I alleged the hermetically sealed container with faulity packed dry ice was actually a "ruck sack" cabon bomb designed to evade electronic detectors in Zurich Airport and Zurich Station, and to explode at a specific time in the acclimatised train compartmen: a relatively enclosed space with constant temperature etc an ideal environment to spread an agent aerolised by the force of the explosion. 

The container had 3 layers. The innermost part contained a vial of the swine flu. The second layer contained dry ice. The third layer was hermetic sealing.

When dry ice or solid CO2 melts, it turns to gas. As the dry ice in the second layer of the container melted on the train, the volume of gas in the second layer increased and so the pressure on the vial. 

The detonation of the container was due to growing pressure of the evaporating dry ice on both the vial in the innermost part and the outermost container.

In fact, the dry ice served as a detonator.

"Dry ice sublimes. It changes directly from a solid to a gas. Therefore, packages and over-packs must not be tightly sealed. They must allow gases to escape to prevent the build-up of pressure. • As dry ice sublimes it creates carbon dioxide gas, which is colorless and odorless. "


The notion that a lab expect could accidentally have placed dry ice inside the container instead of outside is incredible, just as incredible as taking an Inter City train to transport virus samples considered  dangerous enough to cause a global emergency, without notifying the Swiss train authorities.


I allege that the air conditioned compartment of the Inter City train was chosen because it like airplane interiors offers optimal conditions for bioterrorism acts in as far as the temperature and air currents remain fairly constant, allowing for more precise calculations.

The explosion happned at 18 39 in Freiburg and the train was stopped.

Also, the vials of pandemic flu should never have been transported on a passenger train in the first place, a clear violation of the law. The passengers were allowed to go home without any medical checks on the intervention of an official from the national lab.

At the time of the explosion, there was not a single case of "swine" flu in Switzerland. In the meantime, the flu is slowly but surely spreading, thereby helping <strong>WHO justify its pandemic level 6 declaration.</strong>

Reports on Flutrackers show that the highest incidence of "swine" flu in Switzerland is in the canton Vaud, Lausanne, the location of the "swine flu" train incident. One person has been infected inside of Switzerland - it is unclear just how that could have happened. Might that person have been a passenger on that train?

The mainstream media where quick to dismiss the incident, saying the swine flu virus was harmless. But if it was that harmless why was WHO alleging a global epidemic emergency?