Xu Hijin stirs up hostility to China all around the world by implying it is the same as Spain's fascist regime run by royals, military and banksters

Hu Xijin's tweets comparing Hong Kong protetors to protestors in Catalonia and Chile and claim that Western tolerance of Hong Kong protests have encouraged these protestos has stirred hostility to  him, and by extension China, on social media 

This, at a crucial time in the US China trade talks.

His biased, irrational comments were widely criticized by twitter users, more than ever aware of "deceitful" influencers.


Some tweets even asked he has been bribed by the banksters for undermining China so brazenly by rolling out the fake narrative that China and Spain's fascist state are the same, Hong Kong's mild police and Spain's brutal thugs are equivalent.

One tweeter warned that there could be mass shootings of protestors by Globalists in Chile or Catalonia, which would then be used by Globalists to frame China as evil by transferrence.

It has also given the protestors in the Globalist orgnaized colour revolution in Hong Kong an excuse to carry the Catalan flag, symbol of a people oppressed and impoverished by a fascist Franco dictatorship and Illuminati king, and so to obtain sympathy by transferrence, a well known propaganda technique.

Xu Hijin's PR disaster underlines why China needs a new approach to media.

One tweet from a person in Chile lamented the apparent ignornce of Xu Hijin.

Another called his use of pictures of protests in Catalonia a cynical attempt to "justify the authoritarianism of the Chinese regime" and of not arguing in "good faith".

Another points out people who are being pushed into mass poverty, hunger  by Globalist regimes resort to violence.