Tsipras hints he will flip on the Globalists if they can't give him immunity any more (and they can't)

Alexis Tsipras hints at the legal  problems that the Globalists will increasinlgy face now that their power is fading and their many victims are demanding justice.

Tsipras and other Globalist fixers were promised immunity from prosecution for their many crimes, and that immunity is going to disappear as their many victims gain political power.

 Tsipras has a lot of information about Globalist crimes, including of course my case Delta 15 218, which they can trade for a better public image  or prison sentences.

Underlingings are going to flip on their Globalist masters in droves.

From Ekathimerini

“I’ve recently noticed that everyone seems to want to write a book about that period, which must mean that the events and the decisions of that time are truly historic,” Tsipras said in an interview with regional broadcaster Ionian TV on Monday night.

“At some point, perhaps, the main protagonist of what was a very important period in the country’s modern history, me that is, may feel the need to take a position with names and details on the actual events,” he said.