Scotland’s highest civil court is expected to deliver a verdict on whether or not Boris Johnson could go to jail today.

My thinking is that unless Boris Johnson is thrown in jail or hypersoniced by a Chinese missile, he and the Queen will continue to use every trick in the book to crash the UK out of the EU on October 31st.

Buffoon, fool, moron...the words we can use to describe the Globalists are colourful and varied. But they all amount to the same thing. A lack of a capacity or willingness to use reason paired with a determination to bully, bluff and commit horrendous crimes against others.

For a long time, readers may have thought that I was insulting the Globalists by calling them morons. I trust that is no longer the case. Moron is an accurate description. In fact, it is the only accurate term to describe people so intellectually circumscribed.

In my view China also underestimates just how moronic the Globalists are. My experience over ten years following their antics suggests they are the intellectually challenged bottom 1% of the population. The Queen, Prince Philip, Harry...they are known to be utterly stupid.  Harry barely scrapped two A levels. Because they form tight, incestuous circles which reinforce each other, they don't get what buffoons they are.

Now I guess the trait of immoral stupidity is why the Globalists chose this inbred Battenberg, Saxe Coburg Gothe line to front their governments, in the first place. They can be relied on to do anything, however cruel, mean and stupid. 

For decades, they have also lived very well from their buffonnery thanks to the private banksters, printing money out of thin air to fund their luxurious life style and power grab. Trump has gone bankrupt six times and been rescured by the banksters, most famously, by then Rothschild banker Wilbur Ross.

They cannot grasp times have changed. Their controlled media is still talking about the victims of Jeff Epstein's paedophile ring having to wait 20 to 30 year for compensation because there are only two judges in the Virgin Islands when the entire scandal could see them all in jail in a couple of years in our decompartmentalized world with China with its state babnk as the super power.

The Globalists can't even grasp that they should be giving billions to these victims just to keep the story out of the headlines, billions they can just print out of thin air. So, it would cost them nothing, you see? They cannot calculate cost benefit equations in our new internet era where everyone knows who they are and what they are up to and wants to put them in jail for their crimes,

My thinking is that China would best be served by vaporizing some of their private residences like Trump Tower, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Waddeston Manor,  Schloss Wolfgarten with hypersonic missiles. These bullies don't understand reason. But they will understand hypersonic missiles.

And they won't dare accuse China knowing that there are DF 41 hypersonic missiles able to knock out all electricity, communications and even nuke them in 30 minutes. 

Furthermore, according to their own 9 11 narrative, high rise buildings can just collapse into their own footprints from nebulous terrorists in seconds.

China should then insist on a new delegation for trade talks from the USA and dictate terms of surrender.

These should include  a state central bank, debt cancellation, a permanent, multinational inspection of all US weapons as well as trials of the Globalists.

A more stable USA will also be a more reliable partner.

From The Independent

We’re expecting a decision in the Court of Session case – led by campaigners seeking to force the Article 50 extension as outlined by the Benn Act – in Edinburgh today.
Scotland’s highest civil court is expected to deliver a verdict on what sanctions could be applied if Boris Johnson refuses to comply with the law – including whether or not he could go to jail.
Lord Pentland will deliver his ruling on that later today.
A separate part of the case, on whether the court could use a nobile officium – or “nob off” – to sign a letter to the EU asking for a delay on the prime minister’s behalf will be considered by the court on Tuesday.