MPs trying to stop a no deal Brexit disaster have lost their court bid to make Boris Johnson ask for a Brexit extension or face jail.

The court's decision was probably politically wise. 

The Globalist media could have stylized Boris Johnson as a martyr if he had been sent to jailfor failing to ask for a Brexit extension, thereby boosting his support in any upcoming election.

Globalist controlled police units may have refused to carry out the order, creating a dangerous split with days to go to a no deal Brexit disaster.

Another court decision is due today to decide if Brexit extension can be made in defiance of BoJo.

It is not clear who would have had the authority to sign the letter asking for a Brexit extension, opening the door to all kinds of legal challenges.

The only option to stop a castastrophe on October 31st is now the formation of a  government of national unity to ask for a Brexit extension.

A second referendum may indeed be the only way to end the political division and be preferrable to an election.

UK Tory MP Heidi Allen today joined the Lib Dems and said 20 other pro business one nation Tories may be thinking of doing the same.

With only 23 days left to go, the risk that the world's fifth largest economy is cut off from its biggest trading partner overnight remains real.

The issues that need to be dealt with go far beyond customs checks for lorries, which threaten the UK with gridlock. Plans to generate permits and documents to be allowed to import and export at all do not seem to be in place. Furthermore, a no deal Brexit means the UK exits the EU bill or rights with no equivalent of its own, opening the door to human rights violations.

There is also no time left for MPs to scrutinize any deal by Boris Johnson. It may also be rejected by the EU.

A great political prize waits for any national unity government or other party if it achieves a reform of the financial system, debt cancellation and a state central bank. Voters will feel prosperity return quickly. All sections of society can benefit. The UK will be set on  the path of prosperity and peace.

The only loosers will the 0.0001% private banking cartel and their minions, who will use every means to stop their control over central banks from being taken from them. It is the source of their enormous wealth and power. The Globalist controlled media like The Telegraph and The Sun will, no doubt, also start a hysterical campaign.

The Sun constantly calls MPs seeking to stop a no deal Brexit disaster "Remainers" while downplaying the risks. Polls are offered which may be selective. Polls are easily manipulated depending on the sample selection etc

Any new government should give priority to a media and communications strategy. They need to win over voters with arguments.

Furthermore, MPs need to be on their guard for election fraud. BoJo targetted vital data from the government website about millions of Brits presumably for a reason related to keeping power.

But the Globalist wealth and power will whither very quickly if the central bank becomes a state one and they can no longer print virtually limitless sums of money out of thin air charging interest to fund their operations.

My thinking is a written constitution and bill of rights is also vital. Given the role of the monarchy and Queen in what is a de facto ongoing coup to enable a Brexit disaster for the UK, and martial law, surely, the royals have to go. 

An accountable and transparent head of state would serve the Brits better.