Saudi Arabia seeks detente with Iran as US military power fades, warning to Mitsotakis and Pompeo

Apparently asked by Globalist Kyriakos Mitsotakis about a potential Imia scenario "false flag"? to draw Greece into a war with Turkey, Mike Pompeo vaguely stated the US would “protect...basic ideas of sovereignty.”

Hopefully, Pompeo has learned his lesson from the US attempt to escalate war with Iran, only to be forced to recognize it would lose that war as long as Iran is backed by China. 

Turkey is also backed by China and Russia.

Saudi Arabia's Most beastly Savage staged what seemed to be a false flag attack on oil facilities and blamed Iran only to find itself facing the wrath of Iran, China and co with the US wisely backing out.

Mitsotakis has chosen to ally himself with the power that is in decline. He will be left standing facing serious charges of various crimes  against the Greek people along with Alexis Tsipras and without backing as the Globalist tide goes out.

The Times of Israel

Sensing US reluctance to respond forcefully to Iranian aggression in the region, and following the devastating September attack on its oil facilities blamed on Tehran, Saudi Arabia is quietly moving toward possible rapprochement with the Islamic Republic, according to multiple media reports.

The New York Times reported Friday that the Trump administration’s failure to react militarily to the September 14 missile and drone attack on Saudi oil facilities, which jolted global oil prices and temporarily knocked out nearly 6 percent of the world’s daily crude production, had led Riyadh to recalculate.

“The worst outcome for the Saudis is to move to a confrontation with Iran expecting the US to support them and find out they won’t,” Philip Gordon, a former White House Middle East coordinator told the Times. “This administration has shown it’s not really ready to take on Iran.”