NWO is now in visible collapse

Amazing time in history as Emmanual Macron himself said in his speech on the end of the NWO (Western hegemony) and the rise of China as the world's new superpower boosted by a state central bank.

The NWO Globalists have been forced to roll back their Ebola false flag epidemic in the DR Congo, drop their trade war against China and their plan to engineer a financial collapse by cutting off liquidity to banks like Deutsche Bank to induce a crisis to make a total power grab.

Legal actions are starting to be rolled out against the Sacklers, Johnson and Johnson, Ghislaine Maxwell, Prince Andrew and others. My case Delta 15 218 will also come back to haunt them.

We are experiencing the collapse of the NWO, dear readers, getting weaker from day to day.

From Macron's speech

We experience this world all together and you know that better than I, but the international order is being disrupted in an unprecedented way, with massive upheaval, probably for the first time in our history, in almost all areas and on a historic scale. Above all, a transformation, a geopolitical and strategic reconfiguration. We are probably in the process of experiencing the end of Western hegemony over the world. We were used to an international order that had been based on Western hegemony since the 18th century – probably French hegemony in the 18th century, inspired by the Enlightenment; probably British hegemony in the 19th century thanks to the Industrial Revolution, and American hegemony in the 20th century thanks to two major conflicts and the economic and political domination of that power. Things change. And they have been deeply affected by the mistakes made by Westerners in certain crises, by American decisions over the last several years which did not start with this administration, but have led us to re-examine certain involvements in conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere, and to rethink fundamental diplomatic and military strategy and on occasion elements of solidarity which we thought were forever inalienable even though we had developed them together during periods of geopolitical significance, which have however now changed. And it is also the emergence of new powers whose impact we have probably underestimated for far too long.

China first and foremost as well as Russia’s strategy that has, let’s face it, been pursued with greater success over the last few years. I will come back to that. The India that is emerging, these new economies that are also becoming not just economic but political powers and which consider themselves, as some have noted, genuine civilization states and which have not just disrupted our international order, assumed a key role in the economic order, but have also very forcefully reshaped the political order and the political thinking that goes with it, with a great deal more inspiration than we have. Take India, Russia and China for example. They have a lot more political inspiration than Europeans today. They take a logical approach to the world, they have a genuine philosophy, a resourcefulness that we have to a certain extent lost. And so all of that has a major impact on us and reshuffles the cards. I am obviously not talking about Africa’s emergence, which is being confirmed every day and is also resulting in far-reaching changes; I will also come back to that. The risk involved in this major upheaval is increased twofold thanks to geopolitical and military turmoil, and we are in a world in which the number of conflicts is increasing and in which I see two main risks.