Is the horrific Halle shooting being used by Globalist media to smear the inspirational example of Nazi resistance hero Henning von Tresckow?

The shooting at a Halle synagogue, in which 2 people were killed, is a horrific reminder of religious prejudice.

Media reports suggest an unhinged young man committed this atrocity. But the establishment media Stern is linking this unhinged man's horrific actions with Henning von Tresckow, Nazi resistance fighter and a powerful inspiration to stand up to dictatorships and crimes, also against Jews.

Henning von Tresckow tried to assassinate Adolf Hitler in 1944 precisely because of all his crimes, including against the Jews. Verifiable aims of his Valkyrie plot were to liberate the concentration camps immediately and confine the SS to barracks. These orders were also given by Claus von Stauffenberg in Berlin on July 20th, 1944, to all units and partially followed before the coup collapsed after it emerged that Hitler had survived.

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The example of  resistance like Claus von Stauffenberg and Henning von Tresckow is an inspiration to us today, faced with a dangerous power grab by the private banking cartel the Globalists, plotting an engineered economic collapse and wars to get rid of impoverished masses. That may be the reason why the Globalists fear the growing recognition that Henning von Tresckow is receiving in Germany.

Suspicous is the gap between the bomber's stated goals to change the political order by force and his attack on a Synagogue since everyone knows political power in Germany does not reside in Synagogues or churches but in the Chancellary in Berlin, the EC in Brussels etc.

Didn't the bomber notice that Angela Merkel, Annegrette Kramp Karrenbauer and Ursula von der Leyen and co have the  power in Germany, and that attacking a Synagogue in Halle is a distraction if his goal really is political change?

Didn't the bomber notice that the above are a part of a Globalist crime network which seems to include Prince Andrew, Prince Philip, Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein among others? The Globalists come from all nationalities and religions, Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists.

The Globalists should stop plotting crimes like their verifiable attempts to start Ebola epidemics and to have me murdered in Greece for reporting the facts, as documented in case Delta 15 218. They should stop threatening people's lives. The right to self defence and defence of others is absolute.

Suspicious is the media narrative linking the bomber to a military lodge called after Henning von Tresckow in Potsdam.

Der Stern reports the bomber sought intensive contact with an alleged relative of Henning von Tresckow, which is even more suspicious. Globalists use the tactic of guilt by association. The implication is that the bomber sought out the alleged relative of Henning von Tresckow because the relative was in on his horrifying plot to kill innocent people, which is likely absolutely not the case. 

Henning von Tresckow had only two sons, one was killed as part of a Himmelfahrtskommando and the other, Rudiger, became a banker. So, it is not clear how close  Wilfried von Tresckow is related to Henning von Tresckow.