Globalist engineered bank run in Hong Kong foiled by Central Bank. Time for China to dump all US Treasuries and stop all exports to crash the US economy??

Protestors orchestrated by Globlists have targetted Hong Kong's money supply with 10% of ATMs damaged and out of action, resulting in a liquidity crunch for local businesses.

Hong Kong's Central Bank has stepped in to ensure enough bank notes are being delivered showing how all Central Banks can stop any bank crash.

Hong Kong is a key financial and dollar conduit for China's trade with the world.

The Globalists seem to be seeking an excuse to restrict dollars to Hong Kong.

One response for China to dump all  US treasuries and stop exports to the USA overnight, engineering the collapse of the USA in circa on month through inflation and skyrocketing interest rates. 

My thinking is China will easily survive such a dramatic escalation of the trade war with its state central bank and oil supply secured from Iran in Yuan.

But the USA will be knocked out, once and for all.

From Zerohedge

We are talking about the local banks, which have been remarkably resilient in the face of the continued mass protests and the ever rising threat of violent Chinese retaliation which could destroy Hong Kong's status as the financial capital of the Pacific Rim in a heart beat, and crush the local banking system. In short: despite the perfect conditions for a bank run, the locals continued to behave as if they had not a care in the world.


 according to the HK publication, the local central bank, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, was forced to issue a statement warning against a "malicious attempt to cause panic among the public" after rumors were spread online about the possibility of the government using emergency powers to impose foreign-exchange controls.

And while the de facto central bank stressed that the banking system remained robust and well positioned to withstand any market volatility, some of the statistics it provided gave a rather troubling impression: the monetary authority said that not only were more than 10% of 3,300 ATMs damaged and could not function, but that banks were negotiating with logistics firms to refill cash machines as 5% of them had run out of money, adding that banknote delivery was affected by the closure of shopping malls and MTR stations.