FT identifies lack of information as key vulnerability of Chinese leaders

The Globalist FT argues that China is most at risk from events  come out of the blue, such as the Hong Kong protests and the Africa swine fever, and says a lack of accurate and timely information about what is going on inside the country handicapes officials.


The FT suggests that a greater emphasize on obtaining accurate information would serve China's leaders and President Xi. They would be able to become aware of problems inside China more quickly and so take effective action.

I also believe that China is handicapped by a lack of information and a lack of channels to communicate its message effectively to both domestic audiences and the rest of the  world.

Part of the problem, I suggest, is that Chinese media like the Global Times seem to draw a lot of their information from Globalists sources and to follow the Globalist narrative.

Yet Globalist media steer a narrative designed to veil the NWO agenda and the central role of private central banks. Its narrative is to portray China as an evil totalitarian state. It promotes that narrative as much by omission as by propaganda.

Inviting journalists working for Globalist media, which has an inbuilt China bias, to cover Chinese affairs, also has predictable limitations of remaining in the same information loop. 

My thinking is China has to upgrade its information systems and deliver accurate analysis, something which means framing the narrative in terms of the Globalist private bankers and China with its state central bank making its people prosperous.

This narrative has become the dominant narrative in 2019 and has the greatest explanatory and predictive power.