The price of pork jumped 9.2% in the week to October 16 and looks set to rise still more, potentially fuellig civil unrest which the Globalists could use to fuel protests in cities like Beijing and Shanghai, also by manipulating social media posts.

But China's leadership has many ways to ease the pressures and can even mount a media campaign to boost its image as it does so.

China could, for example, introduce price controls on pork to stop an inflationary surge hampering the state central bank and so also help people to buy pork at affordiable prices. 

To boost the income of farmers, who need money they earn for investment, China's state central bank can print a sum of money and distribute it directly to farmers in cash.

Media could explain why China's state central bank is so special in the world, a wealth making machine like the US Federal Reserve before 1913, and why  the Chinese should be so grateful to their leaders for not being corrupt and privatising it in stealth as US bankers did in 1913, creating massive debt.

The military can accompany the cash vans and help distribute money directly to farmers around the country, accompanied by media to counter the propaganda of a "cash strapped" local governments as well as  to show that China's leadership has made the pork crisis a priority, no longer leaving it to local governments or state banks.

Cash may have to be given in tranches to stop an inflationary surge at the local level. Mathematicians and economists could model the various factors needed to create the optimal balance of price controls, compensation for farmers over time in relation to production etc

There could also be extra incentives for farmers to to invest in grain sprouting machines to produce feed for other animals and diversify away from pigs to cows, sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits etc and to set up dairy production centres.

A media campaign showing President Xi directing operations, talking to local government and state bank officials about loans to farmers and why they are not giving them loans, as reported in the FT, ensuring farmers get compensation for their culled pigs, and inspecting grain sprouting machines would boost his image as a leader in touch with the concerns of the people, actively solving problems and so defang any Globalist attempt to use the pork crisis to paint President Xi as indifferent or incompetent.

The media could also offer daily updates from all around the country on progress, enabling the public to see progress and revealing problems that still need to be tackled. Investigative journalism should be encouraged to reveal problems so that the leadership can tackle them on time.

Apart from price controls,  rationing could also be used, and more imports of protein products including cheese could be arranged.

China could also use its state central bank to pay for  other measures such as maternity leave, a measure sure to be very popular and distract a little from the pork crisis. All women expecting children could get two years paid leave. The money they get would be used to buy products made in China, toys, clothes, baby food etc and so boost domestic demand.

Furthermore, maternity leave would help create a healthier next generation of Chinese children.